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Chapter 1:
Trust Yourself

Chapter 2:
Developing The Trust

Chapter 3:
Banishing Negative With Peace

Chapter 4:
Prayer Power To Do Away With Negative

Chapter 5:
Solve Your Problems

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The biggest secret for extinguishing the inferiority complex, which is a different term for profound self-distrust, is to fill your mind with faith. Develop enormous faith in the higher power and that will provide you truthful faith in yourself. The taking on of dynamic faith is achieved by prayer, by reading and by applying faith techniques. Go to a competent spiritual adviser and let him instruct you on how to have faith. The power to possess and utilize faith must be deliberate and practiced to acquire perfection.
Being Self Assured

To develop feelings of self-assurance, practice suggesting confidence concepts to your brain. It’s imaginable, even in the middle of your every day work, to force confident thoughts into consciousness.

Let me tell you about one-person who did so. While driving me to a workshop, he stated, “I used to be satiated with insecurities. But I hit on a fantastic plan which bumped these feelings out of my brain, and now I live with assurance.” This was the “marvelous plan.” He directed me to 2 clips hooked on the dash of the auto and, stretching into the glove box, drew out a deck of cards. He chose one and slipped it beneath the clip. It had an inspirational message on it.

“I’m a traveling salesperson,” he explicated, “and I used to go between calls thinking dread and frustration thoughts. That’s one reason my sales were depressed. But since I’ve been utilizing these cards and charging the words to memory, the insecurities that used to frequent me are almost gone. Rather than thinking thoughts of frustration and ineffectuality, I think thoughts of trust and bravery. It’s fantastic the way this technique has altered me. It’s helped in my business, likewise.” This person’s plan is a judicious one. By filling his brain with affirmations, he had put an end to his sensation of insecurity. His likely powers were let loose.

Lack of self-assurance apparently is among the great troubles besetting individuals nowadays. In a university a study was made of six hundred pupils in psychology courses. The pupils were asked to state their hardest personal issue. 75 % listed lack of assurance. It may safely be presumed that the same big proportion is true of the population broadly. Everyplace you encounter individuals who are inwardly afraid, who shrivel from life, who sustain a deep sense of deficiency and insecurity, who doubt their own mightiness. Deep inside themselves they mistrust their power to meet obligations or to grip opportunities.

Forever they’re beset by the faint and dark fear that something isn’t going to be quite correct. They don’t trust that they have it in them to be what they wish to be, and so they attempt to make themselves content with something less than they’re capable. Thousands go groveling through life on their hands and knees, disappointed and afraid. And in many cases such frustration of mightiness is unneeded.

The blasts of life, the collection of troubles, and the multiplication of issues tend to sap energy and leave you spent and disheartened. In such a status the truthful status of your power is often blotted out, and an individual yields to a disheartenment that isn’t justified by the facts. It’s vitally crucial to reappraise your personality assets.

Attitudes are more crucial than facts that are worth repeating till its truth grasps you. Any fact facing us, even the most hopeless, isn’t as crucial as our attitude towards that fact. You might permit a fact to overcome you mentally before you begin to deal with it. On the other hand, a surefooted thought pattern may alter or overcome the fact.

So if you feel that you’re shot down and have lost assurance in your ability to win, sit down, take a sheet of paper and make a list, not of the components that are against you, but of those that are for you. If you or I believe perpetually of the forces that seem to be against us, they’ll acquire a formidable strength they don’t possess. But if you mentally envision and affirm and reaffirm your pluses, you’ll rise out of any trouble. Your inner mights will reassert themselves and lift you to victory.

A sure cure for deficiency of confidence is the idea that the higher power is really with you and assisting you. No other theme is so mighty in developing self-assurance as this simple belief when applied. To apply it merely affirm, “The higher power is with me. The higher power is helping me. The higher power is guiding me.” Spend numerous minutes every day visualizing His presence. Then practice trusting that affirmation.

Affirm it, envision it, trust it, and it will actualize itself. The freeing of power which this procedure stirs will amaze you.


Among the most effective strategies in problem solving and getting rid of negativity is the easy twist of imagining the higher power as a partner. Among the basic truths is that the higher power is with us. In all the troubles, issues and circumstances of this life the higher power is close by. We may talk to Him, lean on Him, acquire help from Him and have the immeasurable benefit of His interest, support and assistance. Practically everyone trusts in a general way that this is truthful, and several have experienced the realism of this faith. In acquiring correct resolutions to your issues, however, it’s essential to go a step further than trusting this, for one must really practice the idea of presence.

Rehearse trusting that the higher power is as real as your mate, or your business mate, or your closest acquaintance. Rehearse talking topics over with Him. Trust that He hears and provides thought to your issues. Accept that He impresses on your mind the thoughts and insights essential to solve your issues. Emphatically trust that in these answers there will be no mistake, but that you’ll be guided to activities according to truth which leads to correct results.

A Backing Story

A man stopped me one day after a meeting at which I had spoke. He said to me that something I had written had, as he put it, “altogether overturned his attitude” and saved his business. Of course I was intrigued and happy that any little thing I had stated would manifest such a brilliant outcome.” I had been having rather a hard time in my business,” he stated. “As a matter of fact, it was starting to be a severe question as to whether I could salvage my business. A series of inauspicious conditions together with market terms, regulatory processes and the economic system impacted my line deeply. I read this material of yours in which you boosted the theme of taking the higher power in as a partner. I believe you utilized the words, ‘bring about a merger with the higher power.’

“As I first read that it appeared to me a quite ‘silly idea.’ How could a man in this world, a human, take the higher power as a partner? Likewise, I had forever regarded the higher power as an immense being, so much larger than man that I was like a worm in His sight, and yet you were stating that I ought to take Him as a partner. The thought seemed absurd. Then an acquaintance brought me one of your books and I discovered like ideas dispersed all through it. You told real life accounts about individuals who abided by this advice. They all appeared to be reasonable individuals, but yet I was unconvinced. I forever had the mind that pastors are idealistic theorizers, that they understand nothing about business and pragmatic affairs. So I kind of wrote you off,” he stated with a grin. “All the same, an odd thing occurred one day. I was at my office so blue that I really thought maybe the most beneficial thing for me to do would be to shoot myself and get away from all these issues which appeared entirely to shock me. Then into my brain came this thought of taking the higher power as a partner.

I closed the door, sat down in my chair and placed my head on my sleeves on the desk. I hadn’t prayed more than once a year. But, I sure did pray on that occasion. I told the Divine that I had heard this thought about accepting Him in as a partner, that I wasn’t really certain what it meant, or how one arranged it. I told Him that I was confused, dumbfounded and disheartened. I stated, ‘master, I can’t offer you a great deal in the way of a partnership, but please unite with me and assist me. I don’t understand how you may assist me, but I wish to be assisted. So I today place my business, myself, my loved ones and my future in your hands. Whatsoever you state goes. I don’t even understand how you’re going to tell me what to do, but I’m prepared to listen and will abide by your advice if you’ll make it clear.’
“Well,” he went along, “that was the appeal. After I finished up praying I stayed at my desk. I guess I anticipated something miraculous happening, but zero did. But, I did abruptly feel calm and rested. I really had a feeling of peace. Nothing out of the ordinary happened that day or that night, but the following day when I arrived at my office I had a sunnier and happier feeling than usual. I started to feel positive that matters would go right. It was difficult to explain why I felt that way. Nothing was changed. As a matter of fact, you may even say matters were a shade sorrier, but I was changed.

“That feeling of peace remained with me and I started to feel finer. I continued praying daily and talked to the higher power as I would to a partner. They weren’t church-like prayers—just literal one-on-one talks. And then one day in my office, abruptly a thought cropped up in my head. I stated to myself, ‘what do you know?’ For it was something that I had never thought of before, but I recognized right away that it was just the technique to abide by. Why I had never considered it previously I haven’t the slimmest idea. My brain was too moored, I guess. I hadn’t been operating mentally. “I directly adopted the hunch.” Then he ended. “No, it was no intuition; it was my better half, speaking to me. I directly put this theme into Process and matters began to roll. Fresh ideas started to flow out of my brain, and in spite of conditions I started to get the business back on an even plain. Today the general state of affairs has bettered considerably, and I’m in the black.”

Then he stated, “I don’t understand anything about sermons or about authoring books, but let me tell you this. If you acquire an opportunity to talk to people tell them that if they’ll take the higher power as a partner in their lives they’ll get more great ideas and rid themselves of negativity more than they can imagine, and they may turn those ideas into pluses. I don’t simply mean revenue,” he stated, “while a way to get a great return on your investment, I trust, is to get the higher power -guided ideas. However tell them that the higher power partnership technique is the way to get their issues and negativity solved correctly.”

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