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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Mindset Basics
Chapter 2:
The Importance Of Health
Chapter 3:
Your Occupation
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Your Integrity
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

The Importance Of Health

The cornerstone of success in life is healthiness: that’s the substratum fortune; it’s likewise the cornerstone of happiness.

An individual can’t amass a fortune very well when he is sick. He has no ambition; no motivator; no force.

Naturally, there are those who have unsound health and can’t help it: you can’t expect that such individuals may amass wealth, but there are a good many in poor health who need not be so.

Health and Prosperity

If good health is the cornerstone of success and happiness in life, how crucial it is that we ought to study the laws of wellness! And yet how many individuals there are who pay no attention to this, but absolutely breach it, even against their own innate inclination. We should know that the “ignorance” is never bliss. A youngster might poke its finger into the fire without knowing it will burn, and so suffers.

Many individuals knowingly violate the laws of nature against their better impulses, for the sake of style. For example, there’s one thing that no one would ever naturally love, and that’s tobacco; yet how many individuals there are who purposely train an unnatural appetite, and get to love it.

They have got hold of a poison; or rather it takes a firm hold of them. A perilous feature is that this artificial appetite, like jealousy, “develops by what it feeds upon;” when you love that which is unnatural, a heavier appetite is produced for the injurious thing than the natural desire for what is harmless. There’s an old proverb which states that “habit is second nature,” but an artificial habit is firmer than nature.

Youth regrets that they’re not grown; they would like to go to bed children and wake up adults; and to accomplish this they copy the foul habits of their elders. Little Mike sees his father or uncles smoke a pipe, and they say, “If I could only do that, I would be a grownup too; uncle John has left and left his pipe of tobacco, let me try it.” He acquires a match and lights it, and then puff away. “I’ll learn to smoke; but it tastes bitter; he thinks” later he grows pale, but he persists, sticks to it and perseveres till finally he conquers his natural appetite and becomes the victim of acquired tastes.

His palate has become narcotized by the harmful smoke. This shows what expensive, useless and harmful habits men will get into. I speak from experience. I’ve smoked till I trembled, the blood rushed to my head, and I had a quivering of the heart which I thought was a heart condition. When I consulted my doctor, he said “stop using tobacco.” I wasn’t only injuring my health and spending a lot of money, but I was setting a bad example. I obeyed his advice.

These comments apply with tenfold force to the utilization of intoxicating drinks. To make revenue, calls for a clear brain. A man has got to see that 2 and 2 make 4; he has to set all his plans with contemplation and caution, and closely examine all the details and the ins and outs of business.

As no man may succeed in business unless he has a mind to enable him to set his plans, and reason to lead him in their execution, so, regardless how plentifully a man might be blessed with intelligence, if the mind is muddled, and his judgment distorted by intoxicating drinks, it’s impossible for him to conduct business successfully.

How many great opportunities have passed, never to come back, while a man was sipping a “social glass,” with his acquaintance! How many dopey bargains have been made under the influence, which temporarily makes its victim believe he’s rich?

How many crucial chances have been postponed till tomorrow, and then eternally, as the wine has thrown the system into a state of lethargy, neutralizing the energies so crucial to success in business?

Chapter 3:

Your Occupation

The best plan, and the one most certain of success for people beginning in life, is to choose the career which is most agreeable to his tastes.

Have To Do What You Love

Parents and guardians are frequently quite too negligent in reference to this. It’s really common for a father to state, for instance: “I have 5 boys. I’ll make Billy a reverend; John an attorney; Tom a mend, and Dick a farmer.” He then looks around to see what he will do with Sammy. He states “Sammy, I see watch-making is a nice cultured business; I think I’ll make you a goldsmith.” He does this, disregarding Sam’s natural dispositions, or genius.

We’re all, to be sure, born for a wise purpose. There’s as much diversity in our brains as in our smiles. Some are born innate mechanics, while a few have great distaste for machinery.

Let a dozen boys of 10 years of age assemble, and you’ll soon observe 2 or 3 are taking apart some device to see how it works. When they were merely 5 years old, their parent could find no toy to delight them like a puzzle. They’re natural mechanics; but the additional 8 or 9 boys have dissimilar aptitudes.

I lie in the latter class; I never had the slimmest love for mechanics; to the contrary, I’ve a sort of loathing for complicated machinery. I never had ingenuity enough to figure out how machinery works. I never could make car repairs or comprehend the principle of a steam engine. If a man was to take a boy like me, and try to make a watchmaker of him, the boy may, after an apprenticeship of 5 or 7 years, be able to disassemble and assemble a watch; but all through life he would be working up hill and grabbing every excuse for leaving work. Watch making is detestable to him.

Unless a man lucks into the career intended for him by nature, and best suited to his particular brilliance, he can’t succeed. I’m glad to believe that the bulk of individuals do find their right career. Yet we see many who have misidentified their calling, from the businessman to the reverend.

You’ll see, for example, that extraordinary linguist the “learned mechanic,” who should have been a teacher of languages; and you might have seen attorneys, physicians and reverends who were better fitted by nature for the business of mechanics.

After securing the correct career, you have to be careful to select the right location. You might have been cut out to own a hotel, and they say it calls for a genius to “know how to keep a hotel.”

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