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Table Of Contents

A Short Introduction To Copywriting For The Web
Chapter 1 Writing Copy For The Web Really Is Different
Chapter 2 Why Your Visitors Are Very Important To You
Chapter 3 Plan Ahead To Ensure Your Success
Chapter 4 How To Write More Effective Web Copy
Chapter 5 Finding Effective Keywords And Key Phrases
Chapter 6 Learn To Keep It Short And Sweet
Chapter 7 More Essentials For Good Copywriting
Chapter 8 Create A Headline That Grabs
Chapter 9 Effective Ways To Write Your Headline
Chapter 10 Testing The ‘Tone’ Of Your Headlines
Chapter 11 Making Your Text Links Look Alike
Chapter 12 Stay Positive From Beginning To End & Conclusion

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A Short Introduction To Copywriting For The Web

Although many people seem to think that writing effective copy for the web is easy, it really isn’t. So if you want to ensure that your readers and your customers understand how your website works and what it can do for them, you need to produce good copywriting for it. If you don’t then you’ll have either very few or no sales at all.

In this course, we will look at the basics of producing good copywriting for the web. But before we start there are a number of things that you should bear in mind.

First, people do not read a website in the same way that they would read printed material. In fact, there are three characteristics which affect how a web user will react to the online content of a site.

It is important to remember that web users are active, not passive. So if they can not find a reason for staying on a site, then they will leave it. Sometimes a person will leave in as little as 15 seconds after they have actually gotten there. So if your text is too long, then they are less likely to read it. So if you want a web user to believe what you have to say, you absolutely must be able to back up the ‘hype’.

In order for any web copy to be effective, it must take into account the characteristics mentioned above.

What is most important of all when looking at copywriting for the web, is not to underestimate the importance of the basics. If you just jump straight into it you may find yourself in trouble, and your site will end up not being as effective as it really could or should be.

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