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Table Of Contents

1. What is Niche Marketing and Why?
2. What Are Niche Blogs?
3. Advantages of Niche Blogs
4. How To Make Money With Niche Blogs
5. Building Niche Blogs With WordPress
6. Demystifying Your Myths
7. Why Search Engines Love (Niche) Blogs
8. How To Create Content Without Writing
9. Instant Niche Products For Your Niche Blog
10. How To Drive Traffic To Your Niche Blog
11. Importance of Metrics & Tracking
12. How Do I Get Started?

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Lesson 1: What Is Niche Marketing and Why?

What Is Niche Marketing?

Let me illustrate.

Imagine that you live in New York city.

One day, researchers discovered a gold mine at a certain location X right in the heart of New York.

Everyone starts to go to location X and try to dig for gold.

Only one problem though.

They didn’t have any spades to dig!

Coincidentally, you happen to run a DIY shop and you have up to 500 spades in stock.

Not much, but then instead of charging $2, you can now charge up to $100 for each one.

And everyone willingly pays for it because they want to dig for gold.

This is niche marketing in action. Marketing the spades (niche product) to a select group of buyers (niche market).

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