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Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with potential subscribers, but it requires consistent interaction and tribe-building in order to really connect with your target audience so you can convert that activity into a subscriber.

Some people may join your list just based on the content you share, but it’s a lot more likely that they’ll subscribe if you take the time to respond to their comments and interact with them. It will make them feel like they know you personally, and people typically respond well to this.

Remember that some social networks can be directly integrated with some of the major autoresponder services, which will make it a whole lot easier to gain subscribers from those sites.

Free with Shipping

Another fantastic way to build a list that helps you get potential buyers onto your list, not just subscribers, is the “free with shipping” deal.

Basically, you find an interesting, but inexpensive product that would appeal to your target demographic. Then you put up a one-page sales page offering people the product for “free” with shipping, but you charge enough for shipping to cover both the shipping and the cost of the item.

The point is not to make a profit on the item. You’re breaking even, or even losing a small amount of money. But the cost of the item, after they pay the “shipping” charge, will be less than the average cost to obtain a subscriber through other methods.

So, find an item that costs you less than $3 or so, find out exactly how much shipping will be on the item, and charge enough to cover both. You can pay less for shipping if you choose small, lightweight items that will let you ship in an envelope instead of a box. The item should also have a high perceived value, because you want people to be excited about getting the item for “free”.

One great place to find items at an inexpensive price that you can resell is through AliExpress.


You’ll find a lot of items at wholesale prices here, many with free shipping, but be aware that they will take a long time to arrive from overseas. For this reason, it’s a good idea to buy a bunch upfront so that you can have them on hand to send out when people order so they don’t have to wait so long for shipping, however you can have them send the items directly to your buyers via drop shipping.

You may want to limit the offer to people in your home country, as shipping overseas will take a while and be prohibitively expensive.

Advanced Techniques

Now let’s talk about some ways you can boost your subscriber base even more, through using special scripts and tactics.


Okay, I get it. People hate popups. But have you ever wondered why it seems like every website still uses them, even though their visitors seem to hate them so much?

Well, it’s because they work!

The fact is, popups can drastically increase the number of people who opt in to your list. Even a simple, generic looking popup can be remarkably effective.

There are tons of great plugins and scripts that will let you put popups containing an opt-in box on your website or blog, so pick one you like the look of and implement it right away!


People absolutely love giving their opinions, and Qualaroo will let you put a live survey on your website that lets people give their feedback. If you spend much time online, you’ve probably seen them in action.

You can actually turn Qualaroo directly into an opt-in magnet by creating a survey that says something like:

Would you like to sign up to our daily newsletter?

Already joined

If they click yes, a box will pop up that allows them to enter their email address. It’s that simple, and you’d be surprised just how effective it can be!

Make It Obvious

Another killer tactic for increasing conversions on your opt-in page or form is to offer people a second option to subscribing it, but to word it in such a way that it makes people feel like not subscribing would be a ridiculous mistake.

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