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Table of Contents

Introduction . 5
What You Will Learn ……. 7
Chapter 1: The Power of the Perfect Launch ….. 10
Why Your Launch is Hugely Important ……. 11
More Benefits of a Product Launch .. 13
Chapter 2: What to Launch? Types of Products That Lend Themselves to Building Buzz 16
Types of Digital Product to Launch … 18
How to Ensure Your Product Builds Buzz .. 19
Chapter 3: Creating Your Product … 26
Planning Your Product .. 27
Getting Down to It ……… 28
Ebook …. 28
Video Course .. 29
Outsourcing …….. 32
Chapter 4: Your Product Launch Time-Frame … 35
Steps to Defining Your Launch ……… 36
So… How Long? ……. 42
Chapter 5: Planning Your Launch … 44
Strategies, Materials and Milestones to Prepare for Your Launch …….. 45
Chapter 6: Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Platform .. 53
3 Great Affiliate Marketing Networks 54
Getting Affiliates to Promote Your Launch.. 56
Chapter 7: Creating Your Sales Page …….. 58
Landing Page Design Basics .. 59
Some Tools for Your Sales Page.. 61
Chapter 8: Managing the Pre-Launch Phase …… 63
Chapter 9: The Launch Phase 67
The Last Push ….. 68
Chapter 10: Post-Launch and Conclusions …….. 70
Product Launch: The Sequel …….. 72
Conclusions …….. 72

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Why Your Launch is Hugely Important

We already talking in the introduction a little about why it is so important to have a big product launch. To recap, this allows you to build more excitement and buzz around your product, ensuring that the people who visit your website regularly don’t miss the fact that you’ve launched your product and making it seem that much more important and exciting to them.

The simple fact that someone has to wait for a product is enough to ensure that it is going to seem more important, more exciting and more newsworthy. The fact that you’re dedicating so much time to it, demonstrates that this isn’t just another boring ebook or course that you created as a second thought. It becomes an exciting event and that means that people are instantly going to want to get involved. More to the point, this gives your product more time to become desirable in the minds of your audience. As soon as your audience can’t have the product that you’re promoting, you’re going to find that they want it considerably more. As soon as your audience is made to wait, they’re going to build up the product in their minds and make it seem a thousand times more exciting.

If you time this just right, then you’ll have built your audience up to a fever pitch by the time your product actually becomes available.

With this launch, you can ensure that the moment your product goes live, it will enjoy a sudden and very powerful influx of orders. The excitement of your launch and build-up will even help to color the impressions that your audience have of the product – it will seem ten times better simply because your audience was so excited about it before they got their hands on it!

And that initial surge is going to help sales going forward too. That initial surge will be enough to get people talking about your product – you can expect reviews to start popping up and discussions in forums. What’s more, is that depending on your distribution platform, that initial surge can help to get you more prominence.

For instance, if you have a strong launch on Amazon, then it’s going to take your product to the top of the search results for that niche, helping you to gain even more sales. And this will be helped strongly by a sudden injection of strong reviews.

Meanwhile, if you are promoting your product through an affiliate network like JVZoo or ClickBank (where you can find marketers to help you sell your books), then you’re going to find that the great time:sales ratio will help you attract even more marketers to your cause.

It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that the way you handle your launch can make or break your chances of having a highly successful product on your hands.

More Benefits of a Product Launch

But there are more reasons that your product launch and the build-up to it are so important.

For starters, creating a product launch gives you the opportunity to create a dialogue between yourself and the people you are selling to. This then means that you can ask them for feedback and ideas and thereby tailor the product for the exact audience that you’re selling it to.

Think about it: this is a foolproof strategy as you are simply asking your buyers what they want and then creating that exact product!

A great way to do this is by creating a beta test for your product. This lets people sign up to try out an unfinished version of your product and provide feedback. This has the benefit of not only allowing you to test out your concept and see if it is getting the desired result but also to build even more excitement for what you’re selling! It’s no coincidence that more and more platforms online are introducing beta tests as a common option for creators and buyers: such as the gaming platform ‘Steam’ and its ‘early access’ option.

Likewise, you can also benefit from a product launch by inviting pre-orders. When you invite pre-orders you are not only improving your cashflow (this can even be used as a way to fund the creation of the project!) but also verifying your market. This means you’ll be able to test the reception for your product before you actually go live – thereby ensuring that you don’t spend years and years on a highly expensive product that only sells two units.

If you’re collecting pre-orders and you’re allowing people to sign up, then you can potentially breakeven even before you have released your product. And this will be enough for you to consider putting in more features etc.

In fact, you can even borrow from Kickstarter (something we’ll be looking at more in a moment) and introduce ‘stretch goals’ and the like to encourage more sales still wherever possible.

Then there’s the fact that a launch can instantly create authority for you, your brand and the product itself. As we mentioned, the perception is that only a very exciting and important product would have that much buzz around it – and especially if you have internet marketers involved so that it isn’t just you creating buzz for your own item.

Finally, creating a big product launch is a great opportunity to run special offers, deals and other campaigns that can only further enhance your sales. It’s common to give discounts to people who preorder for example, but what about giving money off for the first few sales? This is a great way to create more urgency surrounding your product and thereby invite even more sales. Or about building even more excitement by giving people money off for referring a friend? Another option is to add extra features to your product or to alter the price if you can generate a certain number of likes for your Facebook page etc.

Creating a launch isn’t just a way to go big on your product then, it’s also a great opportunity to introduce many other exciting strategies and to take full advantage of the excitement that you’re creating.

Chapter 2: What to Launch? Types of Products That Lend Themselves to Building Buzz

Now you know why it’s so important to have a big launch for your product, you’re probably eager to get out there and launch something!

The next question then, is precisely what you’re going to launch. What types of products lend themselves to a big build-up? What type of products can become an event?

The short answer to this question is: anything. You can sell digital products, physical products, informational products, services… pretty much anything and add a launch.

This is the first takeaway to learn from this book in fact. If you are running a writing service or a web design service, then it can sometimes pay to change the way you think about that service and to approach it more as you might a product. This is sometimes referred to as ‘productizing’ a service. And in this case, you could think about the kind of new service-product you could launch. How about a ‘2 For 1’ package that will be coming in limited supply next month? Message your client list and this can potentially give them time to prepare their budget for some smart bulk-orders.

Likewise, the more ambitious internet marketers can use a product launch as a way to sell a physical item. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to start selling physical products these days and you actually have many different options: whether you intend on selling a product that you had very little involvement in via a dropshipping company (essentially a company that lets you act as though it is your product but that handles manufacturing and fulfilment) or whether you actually want to create something from scratch by using a manufacturer and ordering a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

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