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Let’s get started on creating the actual products.

The first thing that you’re going to do is, you’re going to determine what I’m going to call your 6 entry products. Now, I’m using the number 6 because I believe that’s a good foundational place. You can start with one product. You can start with 25. However, you don’t need more than 6. You probably don’t need more than 4. But, you need more than 1. You need more than 2. So, I like 6. I think if you have 6 entry level products, that you have a good foundation.

Now that might be scary, for some of you. Because, for many of you it takes 90 days to a year to create one product. So creating 6 products might take 6 years. But, not when I get done today.

We’re presupposing that you know the information, and you’re going to determine what are 6 topics that people need help with in your niche. If you don’t know what those topics are, you go online to the various forums, you go to Yahoo Answers, you can go to Ask Jeeves, anyplace that people in your niche hang out, go in there and ask people what they’re looking for. In fact, if you look for what they’re already asking in those forums, you will already find out what people need that’s not bing marketed correctly.

Here’s the thing, if somebody’s asking about it in the forum, that means they don’t know where to get the information. If they don’t know where to get the information, then, there’s a hole. There’s a vacuum that you can fill by creating a product that answers that need.

So, you’re going to start out with 6 needs.

What you’re going to do, is for each one of these needs, you’re going to record 1 to 2 hours of information. This is going to be targeted information. It specifically targets that niche information. It specifically teaches, in the same detail that I’m teaching right here for this topic, it is going to teach your buyers exactly what they need to know. I encourage you that these 1 to 2 hour segments need to be detailed. They need to give people more information than their able to gather by surfing for free online. They need to go into detail, and they do not need to have lots of fluff.

I want to stress this because, I know in that creating a 1 to 2 hour entry level product, you’re going to be maybe your competitor has a 10 hour product. But, if you buy that 10 hour product and listen to it, if it’s the entry level product, you’re probably going to find that there’s a lot of fluff. That, out of 10 hours, there’s only 1 to 2 hours of genuine information.

Now, you have a choice. You can record 10 hours of information, that’s 9 hours of fluff, and 1 hour of totally solid information. Or, you can just record the 1 hour of solid information. And, my experience has been, that when people buy 1 hour of solid information, they’re happier with that 1 hour of solid information, than if they by 10 hours of fluff. Because they have to take 10 hours to wade through that information.
I believe that you can create, I’ve done it repeatedly in the past, I’ve done highly concise packages that sell really well at entry price points.

Okay, so we’re going to record 1 to 2 hours of each one of those products. And, the first thing that you’re going to do, is you’re going to outline what that product is going to be. Whatever your topic is for this particular item, for this particular recording. You’re going to break it into a number of ideas or steps. You know that in a lot of my teaching, I use the number 10. The reason that I give people the number 10 is because I find that most people need a number. If you don’t give them a number they get stuck on 2. A lot of times, obviously it doesn’t happen with everybody. I’ve found if I just give people the number 10, they get to 8 and they get stuck, and that’s fine. Because 8’s a great number. Or they get to 10, and they might have some more, and they might write me and say can I go with 12? Well, of course you can go with 12. I want you to understand that’s why I usually use the number 10, it doesn’t have to be 10, it can be 6 points, it can be 8 points. I think in creating my outline for this product that I’m recording, I believe that I have about 6 points. Each one of those 6 points became a specific topic, and a specific recording.

You’re going to think about what your topic is, and you’re going to break it into steps. Step 1 is this, step 2 is this, step 3 is this, step 4 is this, step 5 is this, step 6 is this. You’re going to write that down on a sheet of paper. Or you can type it into a Word document. Word processing document.

Then, under each one of those topics, you’re going to write a synopsis of what you’re going to teach. Now, that synopsis could be a list of steps to do the step. Step one might have some steps and things that you’re going to teach about. It may be steps to do step 1. It may be explanation about step 1. Whatever.

You’re going to write out either a synopsis, or a list of bullet points that you’re going to teach from. You’re going to teach when you do the recording. You’re going to do this for every single one of those points. So, when you get done, you might have, and I’ll be honest with you folks, I like to write this stuff out. When I teach in other places where I’m teaching, integrated article marketing and all of that, I usually have people use a word processing document. The reason for that is they can use copy and paste and use that same outline for creating multiple products. I’ll be honest though, when I normally do this, I write it on a sheet of paper. The reason I write it on a sheet of paper is, it’s real easy for me to edit on the fly, I don’t have to have my computer open, if I’m getting ready to record, and I just want to look at those notes 5 more minutes, I can go into the pizza shop and eat some pizza, while I’m preparing for recording, and I can pull out the piece of paper, and I can say, okay, add right here. Obviously you can do that one the computer, but I find that, on the fly, boy, just writing it out makes it make a lot of sense for me.

The next step is going to be to record it. There’s a few different ways that you can record. I’m not going to go into great detail on this.

The first way that you can do it, is you can literally buy an MP3 recording software for your computer if it doesn’t already come with some. I’m not going to recommend any, my guess is, you’ve probably already got some on your computer. All you need to do is buy a microphone for your computer to do it.

There’s another company that I actually use, and that’s Audio Acrobat. I use Audio Acrobat, and they’re literally step by step, really easy directions on Audio Acrobat. You can record by calling a certain phone number on your telephone, and they give you a pin number, and as soon as you hit the pin number, and you hit their instructions, whatever you say becomes recorded, they convert it on their software to an MP3 and a few minutes after you finish your telephone call it is loaded up and ready to go. You can literally copy and paste a link that they give you to send out and put it on your download page, and in fact I do still have download pages that still contain the Audio Acrobat original scripting that they give me rather than uploading it to my own server. Most MP3’s I do upload to my own server. However, I do have content that I made, regularly make money selling, that literally has links that they give me, and they host that MP3 for me.

You can record on your computer, you can record 3-way conversations, you can record conferences, there’s all kinds of things you can record using Audio Acrobat.

The service that I personally use for recording a lot of what I do because a lot of the teaching that I do is live teaching, and I’ll invite someone to participate with me, so that I can get feedback. The reason I like feedback when I’m teaching, because it’s not necessary. The reason I like feedback when I’m teaching is, if for some reason if what I’m teaching doesn’t make sense, some part of it doesn’t make sense, the person that’s on the phone with me, can ask me, hey, what does that mean? Can you tell me more about that? I’m confused. They’re confused, then a lot of other people might be confused. I’m able to answer that question. You don’t need that element when you’re recording these entry level items. What will happen is, when you sell it the first time, you will get e-mails with people asking you the same questions. All you do is take all their questions and answer them for them as they send them to you in e-mail, take all their questions, and at the end of the week, after you’ve made 10 sales, or 20 sales, or 100 sales, whatever. You simply take all the peoples questions and record a Q&A recording, and just add it to the download page, so that all future buyers will get the add-on information.

Does that make sense?

[Other Voice] Yes

Excellent, thank you. The software that I personally use to these types of 3-way conversations is Instant Teleseminar which is a product put out by There are plenty of other services that will do the same thing, in fact, I’m not even recommending, or not recommending either one of these services, I’m simply indicating that that’s what I use. I don’t know if either one of these are the best on the market. I use them. I like them. They work really well for me. I understand them. I don’t have to learn new software.

You know, every once in awhile you get somebody who wants to recommend something that’s better than what you have already. For me the opportunity cost of learning a new type of software, is much greater than simply going along with what I already love. Okay, so, if you’ve got something that you like better. By all means, use that.

I use this process, or a very similar process, to create almost all, or probably now all of my entry level products. Now, I’ve told you it’s 1 to 2 hours worth of content. What I like to do is to break that content up into recordings on each of those particular topics. Okay, so, if you’ve got the 6 topics. I like to have 6 recordings. Now, these recordings don’t need to be any particular length. They need to be exactly as long as is necessary to teach that topic. So, one topic takes 10 minutes, that’s a 10 minute recording. If another topic takes 2 hours, then that’s a 2 hour recording.

This allows a couple of things to happen. One of the things that happens is, the person wants to learn and listen, they want to skip ahead to a particular topic, they can easily do it, simply by selecting the audio for whatever the particular topic is that they want to learn.

And, no really, that’s the biggest thing. Is that people are able to do that. And, if they’re going through just sequentially, starting at the beginning, they can maybe listen to one recording a day, over the course of 6 days, rather than having to listen to a full 2 hour recording all in one sitting. And, maybe missing some of what’s going on. I just find that that’s a really convenient way to do it.

I really want to stress this idea that if you’ve done Step 1, which is you know your material. Creating the outline takes maybe half an hour. Literally, half an hour. Now, the first one might take a little bit longer. But, you’re literally making a very basic outline that you’re going to teach from. The actual recording of 2 hours worth of information, takes exactly 2 hours. If you’re recording 1 hour of information, it takes 1 hour. If you’re recording 3 hours of information, it takes 3 hours.

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