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Chapter 1:
Healthy Abundance Mindset

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:
Goal Setting

Chapter 4:
Center Yourself

Chapter 5:
Get Over Your Fear

Chapter 6:
Be Grateful

Chapter 7:

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Meditation


Meditation puts down a great foundation to success. It grooms mental soil for the seeds of abundance (if you decide so).

Meditation does away with negative thinking and gets rid of damaging emotions from your head. I’m not precisely sure why that occurs, but it may be because with practice of meditation you get into a lower frequency of brain activity. In that state the cleansing process may occur.

Power Within

You will not do away with all negative thoughts after meditating one time, however with continuous meditation you’ll progress to such a state.

You’ll notice that following meditation you feel peaceful. There are not a lot of thoughts circling in your brain and you feel harmony inside. I may describe this feeling as though you’ve been shielded from adverse thoughts, events and additional damaging occurrences. You feel calm and good.

Occasionally you will get into deep meditation (theta state). You’ll get so disengaged from your brain that you’ll get aligned with the universe and that will cause you to get a flush of awesome ideas.

That occurs to me really frequently as I’ve been meditating for a while. Awesome ideas simply flow to you and you achieve those ‘wow’ moments where you can’t believe that you became aware of such an astonishing thought.

I likewise get reminders with meditation of what I ought to do to accomplish some certain goal. It’s like the consciousness that I recognize precisely what I ought to do and keeps reminding me of things I’d forget otherwise.

As soon as you begin implementing this personal development notion, you’ll get less stressed and eventually you will not get strained at all. Damaging events won’t affect you as much because you’ll care less about them. Your chief concentration will be on matters that are great and valuable.

You’ll begin feeling joy for no apparent cause. You’ll catch yourself in the instants of perfect peace and happiness. It will appear that nothing is wrong in this creation and that you’re the happiest individual in the world. This is a magical state that meditation produces. Such state ought to be a natural state for everybody, but to most individuals this state is out of the question to get into because of all the negativeness in their minds.

With additional practice of meditation, your intuition will heighten. You’ll acquire stronger feelings from inside warning you or spurring you to take some action. You ought to never brush off such signs as they’ll only help you to accomplish more and become a better individual.

You’ll understand what foods are great for you and what foods harm you. Naturally, this won’t come instantly. It might take some time, around two- six months of meditation for a few. You might stop eating meat and other foods. That’s because your body tells you that you’ve been polluting yourself with food you don’t require.

The most crucial change that you’ll go through is clear thinking. Because you don’t have so many damaging thoughts in your brain, you’ll begin seeing clean-cut picture of any given situation. You’ll understand precisely what to do and how to go about any given state of affairs.

Chapter 3: Goal Setting


Definite goals assist one important purpose. They keep you pro-active. With no goals, you respond to conditions and events. Outside things control you. With goals, you produce your own conditions and events. Therefore you get to be a master of your destiny.

By adjusting goals you keep advancing and bettering your life. You are able to only reach destination if you specify it. Setting goals is the procedure to do that. You will not stagnate if you keep working with this personal development notion.

Get A Plan

Arranging goals lets you accomplish more comfort in life. The chief error individuals make is that they set goals to accomplish happiness. Happiness can’t be the object of your goal. Happiness is something you have within you all the time. Perhaps you have not attained it yet, but it’s there.

These general hints are organized in a sequence that will support you from considering your goals to really accomplishing them. Don’t forget, these are only hints, take what you like and try it out for a while to see what works better for you. Don’t make your goals “oughts” but “wants”.

Utilize a journal to track your goals journey where you might keep daily or weekly records of your progress including affirmations, winners, appreciations for your hard work, honors, resistances, obstacles, and so forth. Utilize your goals journal to write goals first and to rewrite them over time. Utilize it to break your goals into steps. Critique your progress on a regular basis and jot some notes.

It’s very crucial to get yourself into an inspired, positive and relaxed state prior to writing goals. A few ideas for getting yourself into a positive state include: Meditation, hearing inspiring music, reading something fun or funny, watching an amusing movie, taking a walk in a beautiful place, exercise, or prayer.

After getting into a great mental and emotional state, begin your brainstorming. Write all likely goals quickly with no editing or criticism. You may review and prioritize later; right now you lack to be as originative as you can be.

Here are a number of likely areas of your life to consider when you’re developing your goals list: job, financial, relationship, loved ones, home, friends, personal development, wellness, appearance, possessions, fun and recreation, travel, spiritual, self-respect and service/community.

Goals fall under variable periods of time like: Immediate goals, 30 day goals, 6 month goals, 1 year goals, 5 years, 10 years or more farsighted. Make certain you may achieve what you want in the time frame you arranged.

When authoring your goal, state it like it has already occurred. Put your goals in words that presume that you already have accomplished them. For instance, “I now have a new car.”

To get you passionate, invested and motivated, add emotional language to your composed goals. Here’s an illustration “I absolutely adore and am energized about my beautiful new house in the hills” which is much more passionate than “I like my new house”.

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