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First off, let me just say that PPC (pay per click) traffic is one of the most cost effective, targeted, profitable and popular ways to drive traffic to a website. Almost every single internet marketer or small business uses PPC advertising to drive highly targeted leads to their website. So there is no shortage of people waiting to pay for highly targeted traffic…which is good news for you ?

There are roughly 20,000 search engines on the Internet, serving both general interest topics, and quite focused tight niche markets.

A pay per click search engine, allows paying advertisers to bid for rankings in these search engines and as the rankings get higher, the more money each advertiser pays per click.

Basically, a pay per click search engine allows advertisers to pay for a ranking in your search engine and the higher the ranking the more money the pay. For example, the phrase “Internet Marketing” might have 100 bids on it, and the number one bid might be $5 per click.

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