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Chapter 1: The Key to Success

Anyone who has ever actively pursued a goal knows that it isn’t always easy. Even when you’re doing something you’re great at, you will still encounter challenges and obstacles that must be overcome before you reach your goal. An optimistic attitude will go a long way towards ensuring that the goals you set out to meet are actually met.

Have you ever known someone that has dreams, desires and aspirations but every time they mention them, they immediately put it down in the same breath? After a while you stop believing that person will ever pursue those dreams and when they’re mentioned, you may not even pay much attention to what’s being said. Eventually you might even dismiss that person as someone who talks but never executes anything. Imagine if you were that person? Imagine how it would feel if you were filled with dreams, desires and aspirations but you never actually followed through on anything? You would eventually stop dreaming.

That is not the way to go. You should never stop dreaming. You should never stop pursuing your goals. While it’s imperative that you act on your dreams and aspirations, it’s even more imperative that you adopt a positive attitude about your actions. Positive thinking is the best way for you to internally support yourself as you pursue your dreams. You may think that positive thinking is easy and just requires that you don’t focus on the negative aspects of things. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy. When

you’re in a moment of frustration where it feels like everything is falling apart around you, not focusing on the negative can be a challenge. It can even be a challenge to focus on the positive when things are going well. Positive thinking must be done consistently so that it becomes a habit. There are some tools you can use to incorporate positive thinking into your everyday life and work to make it a habit.

1. Vision Boards

Vision boards are essentially poster boards or electronic boards that you can put pictures or words on with the sole purpose of inspiring you to pursue your goals. Many people will get a poster board from the office supply store and tape or paste pictures from a magazine on it. These should be pictures of things, places or situations that you want to have in your life. You can also tape or paste positive words on the board. Once you’ve created your vision board, you should hang it in a place where you can see it regularly.

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