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Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Chapter 1: Understanding Why Attitude Impacts Emotions and Behaviors 9
The Affective Component of Attitude 10
The Behavioral Component of Attitude 11
The Cognitive Component of Attitude 12
The Impact of Attitude 13
Chapter 2: Developing and Cultivating Positive Mental Attitude 16
The Role of Self-Talk in Shaping Attitudes 17
Mindfulness and Meditation for Attitude Improvement 19
Gratitude and Appreciation: The Key to a Positive Mental Attitude 21
Chapter 3: Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Beliefs 24
Identify and Write Your Thoughts Down 24
Being Mindful 25
Positive Self-Talk 26
Replace Negative Thoughts and Beliefs 28
Chapter 4: Fostering a Growth Mindset 32
Rework Your View of Failure 33
Know Your Limits 34
Understand Brain Plasticity 35
Reflection 36
Reward Your Actions, Not Your Traits 37
Use the Word “Yet” 38
Chapter 5: Practicing Mindfulness and Self-Care 41
What is Self-Care? 42
Why is Self-Care Important? 43
Mindfulness and Self-Care 44
What Mindfulness Does for Our Self-Care 47
Chapter 6: Maintaining Positive Mental Attitude in Daily Life 50
Follow Your Fear 51
Be Optimistic 53
Practice Gratitude Every Day 53
Being Kind to Others 55
Don’t Take Things Personally 57
Surround Yourself with Other Positive People 58
Conclusion 61

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Chapter 1: Understanding Why Attitude Impacts Emotions and Behaviors

Attitude is the collection of emotions and feelings towards a subject matter. If you walk into a meeting thinking that you can’t stand the people in the room and all you want to do is to go home, that would be walking into your meeting with a negative attitude.

What’s important to understand about attitudes is how they are contagious. People with positive attitudes have been known to light up a room whereas those with negative attitudes drag everyone down with them. This is because we rely on the people we are around much more than we think we do. The people around you will influence how you think and act, which can be both very good, or very negative.

Not only do your emotions make up your attitude, but your attitude contributes to your emotions and behaviors. If you have ever gotten into a cycle where your emotions and attitude feed off of each other, the impact that attitude has on how you feel is responsible.

Many people believe that it is primarily our attitudes that drive our behavior. However, just as we talked about the impact of attitude on emotions, there is more to it than how you feel is how you will act. Doing something based on your attitude can reinforce how you are feeling, once again leading into a cycle.

There are three main components to the impact of our attitude on our minds including the affective component, the behavioral component, and the cognitive component. Let’s discuss each aspect and how each is used to lead to the behaviors and thought processes that we have.

The Affective Component of Attitude

The Affective component of your attitude refers to your thoughts. If you have a fear of failure, the affective component of your attitude may look like you thinking “I don’t want to fail” or “I don’t want to look like a failure around all of my coworkers.”

Knowing your affective component is the easiest part of understanding your attitude toward something. This is the surface layer of your attitude. Oftentimes, what you are thinking is your first reaction to a situation.

It is your first thoughts when something happens or is what you are thinking when you first meet someone. With the affective component of your attitude being at the surface level, it is also the easiest aspect of your attitude to change and make more positive.

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