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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Why Play the Piano?    3
Chapter 2 – Looking at the Piano    4
Chapter 3 – The Home Keys and A to G    5
Chapter 4 – What Are Scales?    7
Chapter 5 – Reading Music: Introduction    9
Chapter 6 – The Lines and the Spaces    10
Chapter 7 – Written Piano Music and Rhythm    12
Chapter 8 – Personal Story: Learning Piano Basics    14
Chapter 9 – Keys and Key Signatures    15
Chapter 10 – Get It Together with Chords    16
Chapter 11 – The Big Fake and Improvisation    18
Chapter 12 – Sight-Reading Written Music    20
Chapter 13 – Music Terminology for Beginners    22
Chapter 14 – Finding and Choosing Music to Play    24
Chapter 15 – Practicing on Your Own    25
Chapter 16 – The Small Spotlight: Playing for Friends and Family    26
Chapter 17 – Playing for Public Events    27
Chapter 18 – Personal Story: How Playing the Piano Became My Occupation    28
Chapter 19 – Tips for Beginning Piano Players    29
Chapter 20 – Lessons and Piano Teachers    30
Chapter 21 – Conclusion: Enjoyment That Lasts a Lifetime    31

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Chapter 1 – Why Play the Piano?

You probably already know that piano playing is an exciting talent to develop.  If you are a jazz enthusiast, you may have listened to piano music from great artists like Count Basie or Duke Ellington.  You might like modern jazz piano players better and there are many who have won the hearts of audiences everywhere.

One piano player who crosses many genres is Jim Brickman, who often plays his own compositions.  Along with smooth jazz stations, Brickman’s music is played on pop, inspirational, and new age stations.

You may be more interested in the rock keyboard players.  Some of them have been: Rick Wakeman of Yes, Tony Banks of Genesis, Dennis De Young of Styx, and David Sancious who played for Springsteen, Santana, and Sting.  Rock piano players include Elton John, Billy Joel, Carole King, Paul McCartney, and Carly Simon.

Even if you have never liked classical music before, you might begin to enjoy it once you have started to play the piano.  It presents a challenge and is very satisfying to master.  Some of the greats are Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert, and Brahms.

If you are like many people who hear these great musical works of art, you will want to emulate them.  You may learn well enough to play for a band or as a solo act if you are dedicated enough.  You can certainly learn to play the piano well enough to entertain yourself, your friends, and your family.

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