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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Start Savings Early

Chapter 2: Savings Is Never Enough: Invest Now

Chapter 3: Powerful Savings Method: 401k & IRA

Chapter 4: Jump Into Mutual Fund Investments

Chapter 5: Save Big On Expenses: Frugal Living

Chapter 6: Engage A Financial Adviser

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Chapter 2: Savings Is Never Enough: Invest Now


If an individual is only going to depend on a savings plan for retirement, the eventual amounts saved may not be nearly enough to support a comfortable retirement phase as the inflations and value of the money will definitely be lesser as time goes on.

Therefore there is a serious need to look towards investing in other tools that may provide comfortable returns that would add on to the savings plan in place.

The following are some recommendations on other possible areas that should be explored with the intention of creating investment plans for retirement:


Investment planning – this area can provide the individual with platforms where the money works on fetching a better than average interest earnings by planning the investments at the right time and choice. These usually provide with good return on the values over time.

Real estate investment – real estate investments is all about committing funds to entities, such as various forms of properties that will eventually yield suitable income earning revenue for the individual. There may come in the form of rentals, leases and proper deals, where the properties bought can be sold for very good profits.

These are all ways to create suitable savings possibilities.

Bonds and securities investment plans – these can bring about effective investment growth that will eventually contribute toward the funds that can secure a comfortable retirement phase for the individual. The long term investments may come in the form of bonds such as life assurance and death policies. Besides this there are also possibilities investing in government bonds and other entities.

Endowment policies – these are also another very good option to take up in the quest to create a comfortable savings platform to retirement. Paying towards such plans early on, will create an ideal source on income eventually.

Chapter 3: Powerful Savings Method: 401k & IRA


These are two very powerful savings tools that are becoming more popular as more working adults opt for such plans. The assurance of having money put away for retirement through these secure platforms will encourage those not yet doing so to seriously consider these options.

A Mighty Plan

A 401k plan is basically a scenario where the company the individual is currently working for, offers, as part of its remuneration package a percentage based on the salary amounts to be paid on behalf of the individual, toward this account on a monthly basis.

These amounts are then accumulated plus interest to provide for the retirement phase of the individual. The lock in period for this type of saving plan is also another advantage as the individual will have no access to the amounts in the account until retirement age is reached, thus effectively keeping the money safe from unnecessary seeming important spending sprees for the individual.

IRA investments usually come in two forms which are traditional and Roth. However both are compatible to a retired persons needs as serves as a good investing tool.

The traditional IRA is done in a more independent manner which for some is a better option, as they get to dictate the investment amount and how to invest.

There is also the advantage of the amount being partially tax deductible depending on the plan chosen. The difference here is that there is a possibility of withdrawing some amounts before the actual retirement age but this is then subject to certain taxation issues.

Upon retirement there is also a tax on the amounts withdrawn though it is quite minimal.

For early withdrawal there is also a penalty charged. As for the Roth IRA the similarities between the two are evident however there are also some differences. One of which is the Roth style is not subject to tax deductions upon retirements as the tax is deducted on the amounts are deposited and taken at that time..

Chapter 4: Jump Into Mutual Fund Investments


Recently there has been a lot of interest in this form of investment tool. The mutual fund investment platform presents an attractive alternative to savings toward a comfortable retirement. Besides saving towards retirement there are also other financial goals that can be effectively met through the mutual fund style of investing.


Mutual funds can most time offer the advantage of providing diversified and professional management, but this is done for a fee. As with other forms of investments there is a certain level of risk involved in the dabbling of mutual fund investments.

In some cases if the investment does not pan out as first anticipated or expected, there are fees and taxes incurred that will make the whole exercise quite disadvantages and also end up being the cause of the diminishing in fund returns.

Therefore in the quest to ensure optimum benefits are derived fro this type of investment there has to be some level of understanding, by the investor about the downsides and the upsides of the mutual fund investing tool.

The prospective investor should have some sound knowledge about how the mutual funds work, what factors should be considered when researching for possible investments, how to avoid pitfalls and problems and any other information that might have an impact on the choices made.

Some of these factors may include the degree of risks involved both in the long term and short term style for the mutual funds chosen, the strategies involved in making such decisions and how to ensure these decisions are made based on sound knowledge, the fess and expenses that are normally incurred through the investing process and some of the terms and labels used to describe the various levels and connotations linked to the mutual fund itself.

The main idea behind choosing the mutual fund investment is to ensure the retirement plan is well served by this form of savings.

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