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What is the Aura? It is your air, atmosphere and all of this plays a large part in your feelings, impressions, sensations, characteristics, quality of life and appearance. Your psychic according to philosophers is supernatural powers that you posses that derive from spiritual cultivation, and your intuitive. According to philosophers, the psychic gives us extrasensory powers that we can use telepathically and clairvoyantly. We must examine this notion closer however to decide on the true definition of psychic.

According to recent studies, some evidence pointed scientists to believe that we have the inner powers to develop our psychic mind and use it as a selfdefense mechanism. Of course, our intuitions produce sensations that trigger us when danger is present, but how is it that the psychic can trigger us as well. Logically, we must examine scientific and psychological findings and innate understanding to determine if this is in fact real stuff that we can develop in order to create a self-defense mechanism to strengthen your aura. We must examine closely all data facts that present us research options that can lead us fully to understand a philosophical finding that has pushed scientists to send messages to people all over the world.

We all have the true answer inside us, but because many people have not discovered some of the new age techniques and products, it is wise for us to go through a tread of learning something that can help us better understand this notion that has come to our attention. We first must analyze the supernatural to see exactly where it derived and what it means to us. We can do this by gathering information, composing evidence and facts, and moving to analyze the concepts to achieve a richer meaning. In the process, you will

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