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Imagine Your Future And Then Work To Get There …… 4
Get The Help You Need In Building Your Brand ………….. 6
Don’t Be Afraid Of A Do-Over ……………………. 8
Build Up Your Strengths And Watch Your Brand Grow ………………….. 10
Be Yourself, Because You Are Your Brand …………………. 12
Who Is Your Audience? ……. 14
What Is Personal Branding And Why Should I Care? .. 16
There Is No Difference Between Brick And Mortar And Electronic ……………………. 18
Selling Yourself In The Age Of Communication? ……….. 20
Let Your Content Reflect Your Brand And Vice Versa 22

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Imagine Your Future And Then Work To Get There

An important step in the process of developing a personal brand is deciding who it is you want to be. This doesn’t mean who you want to be as a brand. When branding, it is always the better choice to be yourself. After all, there is only one you. What better brand could there be? No, what is meant behind deciding who you want to be is directed at who you want to be in the future. Where do you want to live? How do you see yourself? What do you see yourself doing? In short, what are your goals?

It’s important to dream about the future. It’s only by imagining different futures that we can begin to choose from the possibilities that destiny may hold. When we dream, we test the waters, so to speak. We try on potentialities to see which ones might fit best. It’s a necessary process. However, it can also be a dangerous one.

Dreaming is dangerous when it becomes the be all and end all. If all you do is dream, you can never make your dreams come true. In order to that, you have to decide on the dream that’s right for you and take positive steps to turn that dream into reality. This involves a certain amount of decisionmaking, some mental toughness and the ability to look at your goals realistically.

You see, there is a difference between a dream and a goal. The dream is more tentative. The goal is firm. The dream is a possibility. The goal should be a probability. The dream is subject to change. The goal is not. These are important differences. They are also differences that many people don’t recognize or, even worse, choose to ignore. Take a cold, hard look at the dream that you’ve selected to be your goal. Look at the ins and outs. Don’t avoid looking at the bad. If you don’t weigh the good points against the bad, you’re going to be in for either a rude awakening when you reach your goal or a disappointment when you don’t.

When you set firm goals, it becomes easier to brand yourself, your products and your services. The confidence of knowing where you’re going translates into personal stability. Your personal stability, in turn, translates into greater acceptance of your brand over time. When your customers trust you, they also trust your brand. Because, after all, you are your brand.

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