Peace in Pain: A Powerful Guide For Controlling Your Pain Using Natural Methods Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
The Different Types of Pain
Chapter 3:
Natural Methods Used to
Control Pain
Chapter 4:
The Dangers of Overdependence on Pain Medication
Chapter 5:
The Do’s and Don’ts of Pain Management
Chapter 6:
Recommended Remedies
Chapter 7:
Peace in pain
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1:

An Overview of Pain


In this chapter, you will learn what pain means. You will also learn the impact of pain on your body.

– When a person is in pain, what exactly is going on in their bodies?
– Is pain just physical or can it also be psychological?
– Can you measure pain?

To know how to control your pain, you have to know what exactly happens to cause you this discomfort.

Basic Info

Definition of Pain

Pain can generally be defined as an unpleasant feeling. This is normally transmitted to the brain through the neurotic system. This feeling can be caused by an actual injury or even by a potential one. Once this is experienced in any part of the body, the signals are transmitted to the brain and interpreted as pain. This is what creates the physical awareness of the feeling and causes the person to react. This response can be physical or even emotional.

Pain may occur due to an injury such as a broken limb, a stabbing wound, a cut, a tear of the skin and a number of other injuries. The intensity of the pain may depend on the type of the injury and the extent. Pain may also occur as a result of an illnesses or medical condition. Examples of such pains include abdominal pain, chest pains, ovary pain headaches and a number of other pains. Pain may also be brought by psychological conditions such as depression. There are also times when someone may experience pain but the trigger is not identified.

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