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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Organization – An Overview
Chapter 2: Identify the Issue-Field in Your Organization
Chapter 3: Effect of Organization on Your Lives
Chapter 4: How to Make Good Organization?
Chapter 5: What is Making Your Organization a Bad Organization?
Chapter 6: Tools for Better Organization
Chapter 7: The Advantages of Organization
Chapter 8: How to Stay Motivated and Maintain Your Organization?
Chapter 9: Staying On Track
Chapter 10: Making Resolutions for Organization

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Chapter 2: Identify the Issue-Field in Your Organization


Maybe you are now trying to learn how to become an organized individual. You have the system to follow and you know the dos and don’ts but still, you don’t get what you desire. If you experience this kind of scenario, you have to reevaluate everything to see where your organization problems are. To meet success, you should be able to identify the areas of your life where there are unresolved issues.

Where Are The Issues

As said before, you will find clutter in different life aspects. To find out the concealed problems that pull you down, you should check these aspects one by one. First, you must focus your attention to your relationships with the people who surround you. There are people who are always there for you and they really show their support to your decisions and desires in life.

On the other way around, you will also find others who are against you; they are the ones who are not interested to your aims in life. They don’t want to support you and the worst thing is that they don’t like to see you happy and successful. What they do is pulling you down and they will try every possible way just to get what they want for you.

You must observe and take time to think in order to find out if this area of your life stops you from achieving access. Then, do something you think that will be helpful to overcome the problem.

If you think that your relationship with everybody is okay, then you should proceed to finances. When it comes to this aspect of life, the problem here could be you practice wasteful spending. Again, only you will be the one who can identify if the problem is about your finances.

You have to be a practical buyer; you need to be wise when it comes to spending your money. Before you buy something, think first of it; it must be something useful to your life. It should be something that you don’t have. If not, you will just waste your money for that. To become organized, you’ll have to avoid careless spending patterns.

Also, your problem can be physically. Perhaps, you keep some materials which you don’t use anymore. You have to get rid of them and there are best ways on how you can get rid of your unwanted possessions. One of these is to give them as donations and another one is to sell them. Those things that can be used by somebody else are the ones you have to sell or donate.

In organizing your possessions, you have to find a good place where you can store them. Arrange and group them; by doing this, you will find those stuffs which are not important to you anymore. Check them and see to it that they are still in good condition if you plan to donate or sell them.

Also, you might become unorganized if there are interruptions in your everyday schedule. To avoid this, you should create a schedule for all tasks you have to accomplish. Also, try to focus your attention to a specific task first before you proceed to the other. If something stops you from doing it then thinking of a way on how you can finish your obligation although interruptions came in should be done.

All of these aspects require your time and attention. Failure to check them one by one will stop you from meeting success in your attempt to become more organized for the coming year.

Chapter 3: Effect of Organization on Your Lives


Every person desires to practice a well-organized routine throughout his or her life. It is primarily because he or she knows the possible benefits that he or she can get from doing it. You should know that organization can greatly affect your life and it can lead you to such good things. If you practice organization then you will see that all things around you fall into place. You will be more able to avoid rushing as you forgot to bring something when going out. Likewise, you will feel more relaxed as well as less stressful every day.

The Impact

Practicing organization would provide more time for you to perform other things that you like to do. You know where you should go in getting something you need and wasting time in searching for tiny things that have been misplaced will be reduced. When you are an organized person, you would see your relatives and loved ones more often without rushing off again as you failed to perform a particular task.

Lack of organization could leave you anxious and stressed from time to time. It will make you feel uncomfortable when someone decides to go to your home unexpectedly. You will surely feel this kind of emotion most especially if all of the parts of your home are messy. This will make you unhappy and embarrassed as your visitor sees the condition of your home.

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