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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Basics On Living An Optimal Life
Chapter 2:
Identify Where Your Life Has Issues
Chapter 3:
Identify If You Are Causing Issues
Chapter 4:
What Do See As An Optimal Life
Chapter 5:
Using Affirmation
Chapter 6:
Using Visualization
Chapter 7:
The Benefits Of Optimal Living
Chapter 8:
Staying Motivated For Optimal Living
Chapter 9:
Staying On Track
Chapter 10:
Making Resolutions For Optimal Living

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Chapter 2: Identify Where Your Life Has Issues


As mentioned, your chances of living an optimal life depend on how you manage the different aspects of your life. In this regard, it is important that you identify the areas of your life that have issues. By determining your areas of concern, it will already be easy for you to look for possible solutions to such issues. They areas may include:

Where Do You Have Issues

Social Relationships

Life is best enjoyed with presence of those who are dearest to you (i.e. family, friends, partner etc.) However, not having a good relationship with these people will have a great impact on the quality of your life. Improving your relationship with your loved ones is not as difficult as it seems. Most of the time, respect, honesty, trust, time, care, and support are what you need to become socially acceptable regardless of who you are.

Health Condition

The best joy in life can be experienced by being healthy and doing all the things that you love to do with the people you love in a perfect environment. Your general health will pay a significant role in all your plans and the decisions that you have to make in your life. Poor physical health can be a hindrance in your plans to participate in various physical activities and even in performing your day-to-day tasks.

Emotional Problems

Like social relationship, different negative emotions and perceptions affect your goal of living an optimal life in more ways than one. These types of emotions include the feeling of inferiority, embarrassment, guilt, and inadequacy as well as stress, irritability, and sadness.


Having a regular job and earning enough money to pay for your needs and luxuries are not enough to experience optimal living. You should love what you are doing. If your job is just causing you stress yet you choose to stick to it because it pays better, then you will not completely experience the joy that life has to offer. Experts advised that those who are unhappy with their current job should pursue something that they are passionate about. Having a job that is related to your interests allows you to purse your real passion.

Chapter 3:

Identify If You Are Causing Issues


You have dealt with the factors that prevent you from experiencing optimal living. How come you are not still living a quality and contented life? There are two parts of life that you have to balance and manage efficiently for you to live an optimal life: Yourself and External Influences

Identify Issues

Most of the time, determining and managing the issues that influence you life will not be enough as you also need to resolve the issues in your personal life. Self-defeating behavior and pessimism contribute to personal problems. If you are unwilling to make changes due to fear of failure, they you have failed even before trying.

Keeping your personal issues under control increases you chances of achieving personal and professional success as well as living an optimal life. The quality of your life can be determined by your thoughts. This means that if you believe that your life sucks, then it will really suck. Having the right mindset will keep you motivated to live your best life.

Sick and tired of your usual routine? This is because doing the same things over and over again can make you feel impatient and stagnant. Stagnancy in life is a sign of deeper issues that need to be resolved. Oftentimes, you feel stagnant because there is nothing that excites you to take action. Trying something new and making new experiences can make your life more interesting.

Living an optimal life starts with your own self. You have to be ready to take new challenges, try new things, and make changes. Accepting your faults and learning from your mistakes allows you to move forward.

Chapter 4: What Do See As An Optimal Life


“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” — Pope Paul VI

Every individual has his own view of how he will live an optimal life. Regardless of which path you take or what ways you choose, you can surely live the way you want to be as long as you are determined to attain it.

How Do You See It?

For some, optimal living starts by recognizing their personal responsibility. Without these, it would be easier for you to blame others for the hardships that you are suffering, be it your parents, the government, or other external entities. An optimal life is a life wherein you have the guts to accept and fulfill your responsibilities. Sure, you may experience trials that may test your faith and strength. But instead of being discouraged, why not use these hardships as an opportunity for you to grow as a person.

Optimal living means loving yourself, playing more, learning something new each day, and surrounding yourself with supportive, caring, and positive people. Living in the present, doing what your enjoy doing, and learning to forgive yourself and others also contribute to having fulfilling and worthwhile life.

Optimal life is al life with less stress, more opportunities, stronger relationship with others, and more time for yourself and your family. It can be achieved if you change your life for the better. You can start by changing how you think and perceive things. Goals and dreams in life can be realized if you make an effort to empower yourself to make successful choice and live on your own terms.

Reducing stress also serves as a key in having an optimal living. Whenever individuals feel stressed, they tend to make unhealthy choices. Physically-induced stress and emotionally-induced stress both have negative effects on your behavior.

How do you perceive an optimal life? How can you start living this kind of life? Your perception about optimal living is your key in living an optimal life. You need to understand that your beliefs have an effort on your behavior and on the actions that you have to take. In living life to the fullest, you also need to take into consideration other areas of your life that you sometimes overlook such as your education and spiritual thoughts.

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