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Greetings, and welcome to the top fifteen quick-fire question and answers section. Throughout this area we’re going to take fifteen of the most popular questions asked by online marketers, put them in a list, and answer them in the quickest possible way. The reason I wanted to get this in here, is because in many cases, it’s not rare to see people who haven’t reached their goals relating to online business, going from guide to guide, posting in forums asking these very general questions. More often than not, they’re either ignored, people try to sell them stuff claiming this to be the big answer they’ve been looking for, or the answers they receive are just not straight forward enough and go off on tangents, don’t give the full story or even deviate from the original question altogether. I remember when I first started. I was asking a lot of questions, gaining as much insight from anyone I could find. The frustrating thing was not only did I rarely get an answer of any substance that I could act on, but I can see now that half of it was total waffle anyway. It was almost like nobody actually knew the answers to what I was asking. And so, I present you with the top fifteen quick fire Q&A section, which will remove all the frustrations of not getting straight answers about, what are in my eyes, a mix of the top fifteen needs of marketers, coupled with what seem to be the most asked and least best answered questions. I hope this will make things a lot clearer for you. How do I get traffic?

This has to be the number one question asked by online marketers, and I come across it regularly, and for good reason. After all without getting hits to your site you can’t sell anything. The problem is not only do most people go about this the wrong way, but when this question is approached either directly or through guides, they’re giving incorrect answers too, which, if you’ve asked it before, will consist of buying some sort of service or some sort of ad that will solve all of your traffic problems. Although this may seem like the way to go at first glance it’s actually totally counter productive to your efforts. One thing I want to point out to you first is that your initial aim isn’t to get hits to your site at all, and getting a massive amount of them isn’t a priority. Understand that you only need to pull ten or twenty thousand hits in total, ever, to your sites to make them successful. Of course this will go up as you progress through your resource building, and that’s key here, the resources that are built and that you can use over and over again. (That’s your big 5, affiliates, list, customers, long term customers and joint venture partners). The problem comes when someone tells you to go out and buy ads from wherever it might be, search engines, e-zines, whatever. If you don’t have the resource collection methods set up to collect the big 5, you’re going to have to be starting all over again with your promotion every single time you launch a product. This is the exact reason that, no matter how many hits some marketers get to their sites, they will never earn more than a couple of thousand dollars a month profit, if that even.

The second problem comes when people assume, or are indeed told, that you need to get hundreds of thousands of hits to be a success. This is definitely not true either, although again I see how it may seem like that on the surface. That’s why I always teach intro products and follow-up large products, because lets face it, how many $1200 products do you need to sell in a month to equal your current personal income from your job, if you have one, or to reach your goals of having more free time, more money in the bank etc. Also, let’s not lose sight of why we started in online marketing in the first place. It definitely wasn’t to spend massive amounts of cash trying to get your website stats to read high numbers. Numbers don’t mean quality, no matter what anyone tells you, this is fact. Compare one single 10k list of joint venturing to 100k subscribers of an e-zine ad. I assure you, for a start, you’ll get more click-thru from the JV in the first place but put the numbers together and you’ll get a far higher percentage of sales through the single quality joint venture. So how do you get more hits to your site? Well first off the question is void because more rarely means you’ll get better results. Look for quality, and the answer is joint venturing, building these resources, and having others promote your products for really high commissions to attract the numbers. If you’re only hitting a few thousand hits per month from these joint ventures, that’s not a problem. Forget guaranteed hits, forget e-zine ads for directly promoting your site and forget search engine positioning. They might bring you more in the way of numbers, but it’s big sales we want, not big numbers. In that situation always think quality over quantity, which is what the whole of this report is teaching. So ask me again when you’ve carried out a couple of joint ventures and have begun to build your affiliates, your customer base, your contacts and your list, how do you get hits to your site? That’s why you’ve been building your resources. That’s where your visits and sales come from. The more products you launch, the more resources you gather, the easier this is. The most expensive time consuming part is getting started. After this, it’s cheap, quick and easy to recycle what you’ve gathered to produce a never ending flow of visits and sales.

How do I build my email list?

Another of the most frequently asked questions in the online marketing scene that comes especially from people who haven’t created their own products yet, is how do I build my list. Everyone has grasped the concept of building your own media outlet, that you can promote to again and again without having to pay a penny, that usually consists of the most targeted people, and those who are going to buy your products on the grounds of trust and the quality of your previous work.

And right there, that is the key to it all. By the time you have your own list that stretches over the five thousand mark, you should at least have one product, and the majority of people should have come from the promotion of that product. Avoid anything that asks you for cash to put subscribers on your list, because, if you haven’t tried them already, let me assure you that compared to what you can achieve through joint ventures and other means, the quality of the list will suffer although not necessarily it’s size. As we talked about above however, it’s the quality that matters for both your current promotion and your future promotion. Size is definitely not everything here. The ways in which we’re building your list don’t involve direct methods. Something that you can plug money into to, wake up in the morning and suddenly have a massive responsive list to promote to. Agreed you might end up with a massive list but they’ll be far from responsive. Concentrate your efforts on promoting your products and at the same time, whatever action someone takes through your sites, make sure that they end up on one of your lists. If we look at things this way, all it takes is for them to either buy something, signup for something, jump into some follow-up, join your affiliate program and so on. Never create anything that allows customers to go through the sales process on your site, or any process at all for that matter, and then lose contact with them. This is not the way to do things. Of course, speed is also an issue for many people out there. I’m sure you don’t want to be hanging around only to find a few years later that your list has only reached two or three thousand subscribers. You want a lot, you want a big list and you want it quickly. I understand how it is and I hate waiting for things to build up over time too. This is exactly why we make sure that everything you do, related to your site, involves collecting names and email addresses for your list at some point or another. Let’s look at some numbers starting off with the simple joint ventures. Say for example you score a joint venture that brings you two thousand visits from someone’s personal list. Now with standard e-zines I can understand how you might not see this as being much, as the number of people who subscribe, compared to the number of people that visit, can indeed be lower than you expect. But through joint ventures, with these quality lists, I’ve seen subscription rates top one in three, and it’s not unusual for at least 25% of your visitors to subscribe to something if your sales copy is doing its job.

That may not seem like a lot right now, but let’s say you take ten joint ventures and manage to pull in a list of 5k, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem if the quality of your JV’s is nice and high and you get a good number of visits. A 5k list is all great, and you’ll also be making money through sales on those joint ventures. Although when you start to couple in your affiliate commissions that you make sure are real high, in fact, so high that you may not even be making a direct profit, the resources will sail in. This is your profit. Not the money from the sales, but the resources that you’re building. This is why you gave up $50 per sale, and it’s your affiliates coupled with joint ventures that are going to, if you’ll excuse the cliche, set your list building on fire, not just numbers wise, but speed wise. Every single time you release a new product, you’re going to be adding more and more people to your lists that you can promote to and have promote for you. It’s another snowball effect, which is great because this means that you know the more you put in, the more you’re going to get out, and every single product that you release will increase your resources, your list size included, and will add to your promotion power for future products. Thus you’ll make a whole load more cash than you would have done by other means and methods. Before we move on I want to make one hundred percent sure that you understand how this works. People create their own list building sites that are geared directly to building their lists. This is great, it works, but when guides tell you that you should concentrate all your efforts on building your list, it kind of makes me a little bit angry sometimes, for the simple reason that they’re not giving you the whole story by far. It’s ok to look at list building as one of your main priorities, and indeed it should be, along with building affiliates, customers, long term customers and joint venture prospects, but for it to be successful, you have to integrate it into your other marketing methods, and this is what most fail to tell you. Once you’ve mastered this and understand, again, how each of these resources tie into each other, and cannot be seen as separate entities, you’ll start to see bigger and better results, and they will come more quickly too. Now if you think about what I’ve just told you, and step back, you should be able to see immediately how this isn’t a case of go out and get as bigger list as possible, as quickly as possible, on your own. This is what many guides teach, but as with the success of the whole system it’s tying resources in together through the launch of your own products.

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