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{They don’t just take anybody for an offshore job; you have got to qualify. You have to have incredible grades in college – like straight A’s, or something – you have to be able to swim, be able to keep your head straight under dire weather and atmospheric conditions, and you have to be able to think fast. And that isn’t even the half of it. Now this list of qualifications is something you want to memorize and see that you have covered if that is your dream indeed. I know I would.|If you know nothing of petroleum, you have no business working on an offshore oil drilling rig. If you are asking me, I’d tell you that is the first thing I would recommend that you do: learn about the petroleum you would be working about, and then perhaps I would consider you for whatever you are applying for. And I tell you, there’s a whole lot to learn in that quarter. The moment you pick up a book on the subject, you’ll suddenly have a clue.|There simply is no way I’d be letting you on my offshore drilling rig if you don’t know how to swim. You tell me, what happens in the case of an emergency. I don’t care if you are an engineer or a cook. On my rig you have got to be a first-rate swimmer. Otherwise, if a freak gale suddenly blew you off the rig into the water, no one else might be able to get to you on time.}

{When seeking employment on an offshore drilling rig, you might want to be particular about the rig you are interested in, and what they do there. That might influence what is to be expected of you, and what you need to have on your résumé. Mostly, it’s drilling though, so pucker up.|Offshore oil drilling jobs constitute a whole industry on their own – and it is a professional industry at that. On an oil drilling rig, there isn’t a lot of room for error. As a result all employees take their jobs very seriously, and you’ll see it the moment you try having a word with one of them. So if you don’t consider yourself the serious type, you might want to look elsewhere for a job.}

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