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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Why People Procrastinate
Chapter 2:
The Common Fear Of A Procrastinator
Chapter 3:
Procrastinator Loves Comfort Zone
Chapter 4:
Defeating A Procrastinator’s Mind
Chapter 5:
Start A Procrastinator’s Journal
Chapter 6:
Setting Goals And Celebrate Little Successes
Chapter 7:
Use Your Body Against Procrastination
Chapter 8:
Brain Programming For Procrastinator
Chapter 9:
Affective Techniques To Curb Procrastination
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 4: Defeating A Procrastinator’s Mind


For some procrastination is a keen to laziness, but for those who are really committed to understanding this particular mindset, would agree that procrastination goes much deeper and is more complex than simply laziness.

Getting A Handle On It

The following are some of the ways an individual can try to incorporate into the daily life cycle to try and control and eventually eradicate this rather crippling “disease”:

As a lot of the procrastination actions begin with the mind, this would be an ideal place to start. Putting down on paper all the things that should be done to this date and time, that have not really been attempted should be the first things that go into the list. In doing so, the individual is actually taking the responsibility to recognize some of the things that require his or her attention. When this recognition is further stamped in the written word, there is no real excuse that the items were forgotten.

Going over the list and then going a step further to identify at least one thing that can be attempted immediately should ideally be the next course of action.

This should be followed with a complete and relevant plan which will effectively help to complete the task chosen. Once the plan is well mapped out, the individual would really have no further excuse to delay action.

Ideally, the plan should cover all possibilities to keep the individual from defaulting and abandoning the plan format.

A specific time frame should be allotted, and this should be done without any room for wavering in the decision. This time frame should be the focus of the entire exercise to get the chosen task done.
The individual should be encouraged and even forced to strictly commit to adhering the time frame stipulation allotted. This will create an effective check and balance scenario.

Chapter 5: Start A Procrastinator’s Journal


A lot of the reasons that contribute to an individual eventually mastering the art of procrastination, stems from the ability to side step tasks allotted, with convincing attitudes and excuses.
This is often so well done that most people would rather get things done themselves instead of having to go head to head with a seasoned procrastinator and this further enhances the power of the procrastinating individual.

Starting a journal maybe one action that allows the individual to face the procrastinating challenge and with this, acknowledge the hold it has on the individual’s life. The following are some areas that should ideally be covered by the journal to ensure its eventual effectiveness both physically and mentally:


Starting a journal would require totally honesty on the part of the procrastinating individual. With total honesty, the individual should list down the entire amount of tasks that he or she had consciously avoided or didn’t complete in the past. Nothing should be considered too insignificant and unnecessary; neither should the individual resort to only documenting tasks that were considered a challenge only.
Once this is done, the procrastinator should note, in a column beside each task, the reason the task was abandoned or not completed to date. Documenting this reason, will give the individual a chance to considered the relevancy of the excuse used, to avoid doing or completing the task. Only then will the individual be able to understand the extent he or she is willing to go to avoid the task.

Once this is acknowledged, the individual can then move on to actually documenting every task eventually carried out and completed as they unfold. This is a very good motivating tool, especially when the individual begins to tackle more tasks as the confidence levels grow and the procrastinations decrease.

Chapter 6: Setting Goals And Celebrate Little Successes


Setting goals is a good way to make the individual aware of the things that require the individual’s attention, and it also acts as a motivating factor for the daily accomplishments that needs to be completed.
If there are no goals set, the daily life of the individual would unfold in an aimless manner, where the individual will probably just drift around in an abyss, without any particular direction in life.

Equally important, would be the action of acknowledging the successful completion of these goals with a little celebration. The human psyche is such, that all individuals enjoy some form of acknowledgement through the celebration of these achievements. Therefore, incorporating the two important elements would help the individual to be motivated and not become a procrastinator.

Great Info

Success is largely connected to the state of mind, and if this mindset state acknowledges success with celebrations, the mind set is kept in a happy and fulfilled mode more often.

This positive mindset will help the individual strive to achieve more, not just for the reward of the celebration that acknowledges the achievement, but also for the eventual self satisfaction the successful completion of task it brings.

These small celebrations will help to foster the exhilaration brought on by the completion of tasks, which is also a good motivating tool as it encourages the individual to venture further. Once the individual is able to beat the procrastination bug, very little can get in the way of heightened achievements possibilities.

Understanding the concept of small success achieved can eventually create a dependable and strong character, is reason enough to celebrate all achievement small or big. This eventually ensure the individual’s first and initial reaction of any task will be one that is positive and quick rather than the old way of procrastination.

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