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A lot of focus in the online game is placed on “the list” and building your list as big as possible. The problem with this mentality is that the focus is on quantity over quality. When it comes to actual selling, most business owners know that you don’t need a huge list, you need an engaged list that trusts you and sees you as a respected authority in your field. In this report, I am going to show you a very clean and highly effective process that you can duplicate to build an ongoing list of engaged, warm leads for your offline consulting business. You can easily extend this to any business model regardless whether it is online or offline.

This method can help you generate new revenue within 1-2 days of implementing and it can continue doing so as long as you decide to keep the system running. It can also be scaled to be used for multiple business models and multiple niches. It can also be outsourced so that you can focus on channeling your leads into customers.

THE PREMISE – The basic idea behind this method is that you are going to remove the element of cold calling and selling from your lead generation activities. Nobody wants to receive a cold call and if you are anything like me, you don’t want to make cold calls either.

Instead, you are going to invite businesses to showcase themselves on a new business blog/business website that you are running by doing an interview with you. The idea behind the site is to give business owners a chance to share more about what they do, as well as additional information about their involvement in the community. Non business owners will have a chance to see what all of the local companies are up to and get a chance to learn more about the story behind the business. You are catering to 2 audiences but you are creating tremendous value for the business owner who gets free publicity from YOU!

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