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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Why Exercise?
Chapter 2 – Cardiovascular Exercise: You Gotta Have It!
Chapter 3 – Strength Training: You Gotta Have It Too!
Chapter 4 – Other Important Forms of Exercise That EVERYONE Must Try

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Why Exercise?

The main value of exercise is not to burn calories, but to maintain muscle mass (protect the muscle from being burned) and to build muscle mass. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue. The more muscle you have, the higher your capacity for burning off fat and the faster your weight loss. This because fat is the major source of fuel burned by muscle during sustained aerobic exercise. Also, the more muscle you have, the greater your protection against weight gain.

Another reason to exercise is to expand your energy needs so you pull more fat from your fat stores. Here’s how it works:

• Eat a low-fat (I said LOW not Non-Fat) diet and add less fat to the fat stores

• Eat a diet high in fiber. High fiber carbs fill you up so you eat less. Also, think…take it in, get it out!

• Exercising increases your energy needs and increases the amount of fat you withdraw from your fat stores

So, now you understand that you NEED to exercise…but…what do you do to get the most results for your efforts?

Let’s start with Cardio…

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