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Christmas was right around the corner. Only 3 days until the Jacob’s family were to have their biggest family Christmas ever. Not only would the 4 members of the Jacob’s family be there, but Grandma & Grandpa, Uncle Jim, Aunt Jeanne, and their 3 children, and Aunt Karen with her husband Bob, with their 3 boys. What a treat it was going to be to have the entire family there for Christmas dinner.

In the past, the different families all had their own plans for Christmas, and also because of a misunderstanding that led to an argument between the 2 brothers, Jerry and Jim several years ago, so the get togethers of the whole family just didn’t happen. But this Christmas was different…VERY different! It was what doctors called, “The last Christmas for little Emily.” Emily was the youngest of the Jacob’s family, only 6 years old, and had come down with a sickness that doctors just couldn’t cure. Everything that could be done, had been done, and the doctors had little hope that she would even make it into the new year. So the entire family broke all other plans and decided to attend Emily’s last Christmas.

Although Emily was very sick, she was an extremely happy child, and was always very joyful and positive. Jerry and Cora, Emily’s Mom and Dad, always marveled at her inner strength, and her faith that one day she would get better. Emily hated missing dinner with her family, so every night, Dad would carry her into the dining room. Every once in awhile she had good days, and felt strong enough to make it to the table by herself, but that didn’t happen very often.

Her big brother Patrick was her best friend, and they spent hours together, reading, playing games, or just sitting and talking. Patrick didn’t care that his little sister was 3 years younger than him. After school, he would run up to Emily’s room to tell her about his day, and she would share what happened with her day. Emily was not able to go to school like other children, so she looked forward to hearing what Patrick had to share each and every day.

Emily’s favorite day of the week was Sunday. Sunday was the day that she got to leave her bed, and her house, and attend church with her family. She loved going to church, even if she was not feeling well. She would say, “ I have to let Jesus know that I am okay, so he won’t worry about me.” So, with a lump in their throats, along with great pride, they all would get dressed up and attend church. This was very important to Emily, especially at Christmas time. The church was all decked out with the most beautiful decorations she had ever seen, and along with the caroles that everyone would sing, made it very special. She felt good when she was in church. Her face lit up like the Christmas tree that adorned the church sanctuary, and the lights from the tree sparkled in her beautiful blue eyes.

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