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Online advertising isn’t completely dead.

Platforms like Google have made it possible to reach your audience one person at a time, based on whatever they are searching.

You WILLfind customers that are already prepared to buy. You’ll find people interested in your brand, or your industry.

This is the modern version of the billboard. Results will vary, but keep a close eye on your ROI. If the ads aren’t working, then maybe a “billboard” isn’t right for your business.

The modern Internet ads do have important distinctions from billboards, and one of them is focus.

Imagine a car full of people, on their phones, driving past your billboard. They miss the billboard, but see Facebookads for products related to their most recent Google and Amazon searches.

Which is more effective?

You don’t have money to waste showing ads to people who will never want your product, Adsense and Facebook allow you to focus on specific audiences so youget your ads right where you want them.

Backlinks are essential.

Especially if your company is web-based. You need redirects from everywhere leading to your site, and you need links going to other sites.

Engage on social media, in forums, on reddit,in the comment section of news sites, everywhere.

Leave posts on blogs. And every time, leave a little signature calling card to a product or post on your site that does the job better.

Put external links directly into your signature on forum posts, andselect forums that are specific and centered on your niche. If you think about it: it’s free advertising, and generally a fun way to help people while earning their trust.

Make the front page of Reddit with a cute video starring one of your products, and your brand will soar to new heights.

In this marketplace, you need to stay engaged, and you need to stay dynamicat all times. Complacency is not an optionhere.

Keep up with every new social platform as it hits the market, and explore ways that you can use it to promote your brand.

On the topic of out-bound links.

Search engines will like your site better if you have working links to relevant and popular content.

Your customers will also appreciate it when you bring the information they are looking for straight to them.

If you know that every one of you customers will need a supplemental product that you don’t offer, then make it easy for them to stay on your site by finding the best products to accompany yours, and linkto it.

Offer tips on different ways that they can enhance their own lives, especially with your products. Show them pictures and videos of yourself using the products. Make them believe. Make them loyal.

You can be the expert they go to for all their off-site links, and they will return.

They might only come back for the link page at first, but sooner or later, they’ll look about the site, and possibly purchase your service.

Add bookmark pages specifically for directing traffic.

Outbound links are a win for your customers and your search engine ranking, so take them seriously, and only link to the best content.

Like it or not, blogs are here to stay.

They are the single most critical link in the chain of brand building, and you can use that chain to your advantage.

Reach out to bloggers. Find out who they influence.

Blogs that target niche markets are the perfect place to send free products for review, especially if they have large or influential audiences.

Believe me when I say that juicy headlines excite bloggers more than the media outlets that steal stories from them.

Send them what they want. Get them on your side, and they will give you backlinks, reviews, allow you to post guest blogs on their pages, and get your name out to thousands of waiting customers.

Blogs are influential, they’re current, and they will bring your brand to audiences that you might not be able to reach.

Vloggers are the new bloggers.

Give them visually appealing, branded stuff to talk about on their YouTube channel. You can tell at a glance how popular a video blog is by looking at their page views on YouTube.

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