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NETWORKING NIGHTMARES _____________________________________ 1
Introduction ______________________________________________ 3
Reality Check _____________________________________________ 4
An Unadvertised Bonus _____________________________________ 5
Before You Arrive _________________________________________ 7
On The Day_________________________________________________ 9
IM Myths De-Bunked ________________________________________ 13

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When the average home business owner works till the early hours of the morning, alone and isolated with only forum buddies for company, it’s not long before a change in perspective occurs.

Formerly sociable people who worked happily in a bustling office begin to enjoy the solitude and come to rely on it. The idea of meeting clients or colleagues in person begins to sound unappealing or even like an ordeal.

Antipathy towards exchanging the computer for real people, even for a few hours, is strong.

If any of this sounds familiar then it’s time to sit up and take notice of the fact that exhibitions, conferences, seminars, focus groups and workshops are everywhere. And in the internet marketing (IM) world, they’ve never been more popular.

More recently, an almost MIRACULOUS trend has been taking place.

Event organisers and regular attendees have begun to observe a definite connection between the business success of an individual and their willingness to attend IM events. People who have been struggling to get their home business of the ground have turned things around within months – or even weeks – of attending an IM seminar or workshop.

If at this point, you find yourself mentally ‘switching off’ or guiding the mouse to the ‘x’, ask yourself why this is.

Whatever your circumstances or social preferences, meeting people face to face affords you an advantage. Resisting these opportunities because you MIGHT be able to manage without them is backward thinking and calls into question your commitment to making your business work.

IM events will open up possibilities you never even imagined, so get ready to witness the miracle for yourself.

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