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This unique product by OLIN e–Publishing Company is meant to be presented as a gift in several ways. Understand first that this e-Book is designed to be printed out and then hand written in by dad. Yes, it may take a bit of ink to do this, however, when one first considers this as a gift and secondly as a lasting legacy, the cost of ink becomes unimportant. The first gift giving method is that it can originate from Mom’s as a gift to Dad’s. After it is completed by Dad (hand written in), it then is given as a gift to his children. Another method is that it can begin with the children as a gift to their Father and then after completion by Dad it is given back on another special day/holiday. Lastly, a relative, who is always having a difficult time picking a gift out for that special guy, gives it as a gift and it is then followed up after completion as a gift from Dad to his children. So we hope you can see how this product can help complete your gift giving list quickly and easily without sacrificing quality or ones budget. Don’t forget to recommend this to others struggling with their gift giving list. This product is truly the gift that keeps giving all year long, (even longer, as a legacy).

We would like to make this quick point to all you Dad’s. Please take this project seriously for your children’s sake. After we are all long gone, we all hope that something about us would remain and speak to the hard-earned principles and lessons we experienced. This is not to say that well thought out humor in the right places can’t make this truly special, it can and will. The following questions have been specially crafted so that they aid Fathers’ in probing deeply into their souls to produce deep thoughtful answers as well as to speak to the heart of their children, on many levels, for years to come. We would suggest that you undertake this project with a pad of paper and answer the questions first on the pad, make necessary corrections and then hand write your answers on the printed out sheets with black ball-point pen as neatly as you can. Additionally, we have included several blank lined pages at the end of this e-book. Many Dad’s have told us that they used these blanks for extremely long answers and family genealogy; as well as to craft personal messages to each of their children to make this a truly personal and heart warming project that will last for years to come.

Once you have a completed copy of your Father’s legacy we suggest that you take the project one step further and create a lasting bound booklet. This can be done as simply or elaborate as you wish. A hole punch and some yarn can make a nice presentation. Others have reported that they bought three ring binders with plastic pouches on the cover and spine as well as a box of plastic sleeve pages. Once the included illustrated flat cover and spine plate were printed out they inserted them into the plastic pouch on the cover of the three ring binders as well as along the spine. Then each hand written page was inserted into a plastic sleeve and then put into the three ring binder. This created a lasting booklet that not only looked impressive; it also protected their Father’s hand writing from smudges and stains. Use your imagination and create a lasting legacy booklet that your children’s, children will treasure for all of time. For more idea’s and projects, be sure to visit our site on the internet at . Again, thank you for your business and valued confidence.

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