Motivation University: Creating Your Own Coaching Business From Home Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

1 Coaching: A Job Or A Business 5
Why You Don’t Want A Coaching Job 5
Why Not Become A Business Owner Instead? 7
The Bottom Line Is Your Top Priority 8
How To Spot A Profitable Niche 8
The Basics Of A Coaching Business System 10
2 Automating Your Coaching Membership Site 13
Your Coaching Membership Site 13
Using WordPress As A Membership Site 14
Using A Ning Site 15
Getting That All Important Email 15
A Sample Enrollment Offer 16
What Do You Want To Sell? 17
Reduce Expenses And Increase Income 18
Use PayPal And Autoresponders 19
3 Exploiting Passive And Re-Occurring Income Opportunities In Coaching 20
Passive Income Opportunities In Coaching 21
Solution Box Affiliate Program 21
Vision Board 22
Life Mastery 23
Creating Your Own Infoproducts 24
Re-Occurring Income Opportunities 25
Exploit Different Membership Levels 25
4 Using Active Coaching To Generate Sales Leads And Backend Sales 28
Coaching Works Both Ways 29
Video Recording 30
Generating Sales Leads With Videos 30
Generating Backend Sales With Videos 31
The Call-In Show 31
Monetizing Your Active Coaching 32
Networking During Active Coaching 33
5 Creating A Team Approach To Coaching 36
Outsourcing 37
Partner With Experts 37
Create An Affiliate Partners Program 38
How To Motivate Your Affiliates 40
Look For Strategic Partnerships 42
Conclusion 44

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If you hold a business management degree or have prior experience running a profitable small to medium sized business, you have a unique talent. Many Americans would love to run their own business, but most do not know how. You can teach them how. Running a business coaching service is not only an exciting opportunity, but it has the potential to bring in large profits.

If interested in starting a business coaching service, you will wonder about your profits and clients. How you will get clients? By marketing and targeting the individuals who can benefit from your services. Who are they?

New business owners. Most new business owners take time to create their empire. They brainstorm and develop a plan, secure financing, and get to work. This is how small businesses should get started, but many do not take this route. Some individuals get an idea in their head to start a business and make money; they run with it. Action is key, but so is careful planning. Acting without first thinking of a solid plan is one of the reasons why many new small to medium sized businesses fail. You, as a business coach, can stop that from happening.

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