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Table Of Contents

Introduction 5
Why Work With Niches? 6
Ways to Define a Niche 8
Selecting the Best Niches 10
Making Money in the Long Run 12
Monetizing Your Niche 14
Finding the Best Products for Your Niche 16
Test Marketing Your Niche Products 18
Putting Yourself Ahead of the Competition 19
Niche Blogging 20
Niche Website Design 22
Niches and Search Engine Optimization 23
Important Elements of SEO 24
Building Niche Lists 26
Lists for the Niches Within Your Niche 29
Branching Out 30
The Future of Niche Marketing 31

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Niche marketing has been getting a lot of press lately. You can find discussions of it on Internet marketing blogs, forums, and websites. Ebooks and print books about the subject are popping up everywhere. All of this might lead one to wonder what the big deal is about this fascinating new concept.

But the truth is that it’s not a new concept at all. Niche marketing has been around virtually since marketing came into existence. It is, however, a big deal.

Niche marketing is simply narrowing your focus to a small segment of a market. It has been employed by marketers for many years. Some examples would be health food grocery stores and plus-sized women’s clothing catalogs. But the Internet has taken niche marketing to a whole new level, as it makes it more feasible for marketers to reach prospects who are geographically distant.

The Internet also makes it easier for savvy consumers to shop around. At first glance, this might seem like bad news for small business owners. The mass merchandisers can obtain products at lower prices than the little guy can, so they usually have the best deals. But by focusing on a niche, you can offer greater expertise in the area you specialize in. You can also offer more personalized service. And for some niches, mass merchandisers are not even competitors. They simply do not find it worthwhile to cater to very small markets.

With the right niche, there is plenty of money to be made online. This report will show you how to find the most profitable and sought-after niches, and how to market to those niches most effectively.

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