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Chapter 1: What Is A Mini E-Book? …… 1
Chapter 2: Why Give Mini E-Books Away for Free? …… 9
Chapter 3: Getting Started With Your Own Mini E-Book …… 18
Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Mini E-Book Under 24 Hours …. 24
Chapter: Putting The Finishing Touches To Your Mini E-Book.. 37
Chapter 6: Marketing Your Mini E-Book ……. 46
Chapter 7: In Closing ……. 61

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What makes a mini E-Book a mini E-Book?

A normal E-Book generally spans from between 30 and 75 pages in length; however, there are a number of E-Books that are considerably longer.

Ken Evoy’s “Make Your Site Sell” (MYSS) — once dubbed the Bible of Internet marketing – contains well over 700 pages of marketing advice, rife with powerful illustrations and examples. This could hardly be considered a mini E-Book.

Rather, large tomes like Ken Evoy’s and even smaller E-Books, such as ones that span from 30 to 75 pages are usually considered full E-Books because they cover a range of topics in considerable depth. They are comprehensive and complete.

In stark contrast to the large, comprehensive E-Book is the mini E-Book. So what makes a mini E-Book a mini E-Book? Obviously, the size is important: a mini-E-Book generally spans around 5 to 25 pages.

Another important distinction when considering what makes a mini E-Book a mini E-Book is that it is not comprehensive – and this is crucial. Unlike a full E-Book, a mini E-Book should give a piece of an incomplete idea, prompting the reader to take action – whether it be to purchase the complete version or to opt-in to a newsletter.

Another part of what makes a mini E-Book a mini E-Book is that it is generally free. Rather than capturing revenue, as most large product launches must do, it seeks to penetrate a specific niche crowd and to pull them in as leads. Additionally, it seeks to give list subscribers a specific incentive to circulate the report, which again will bring in additional revenue.

In summary, what makes a mini E-Book a mini E-Book? It must be short, targeted, incomplete, and yet still effective at persuading list subscribers to circulate it; but most importantly, it should be free.

The Role of Mini E-Books in Internet Marketing

What is the role of mini E-Books in Internet marketing? In Internet marketing, mini E-Books serve almost exclusively as a viral tool that generates traffic and opt-in list subscriber growth.

In many cases, the role of mini E-Books in Internet marketing is to generate viral and explosive growth through word of mouth promotion. But before you attempt to integrate mini E-Books into your marketing campaigns, there are a number of important things you should first consider.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that your product must have a target market. If you have no list to promote to and no idea whether or not anyone is actively looking for the solution you present in your mini E-Book, do not write it.

Start with market research and determine what people really want to know about your specific niche. You can do this by searching forums for hot topics that have received a significant amount of replies. Take one of these topics and generate a quick report about it, using a controversial angle – something that will grab someone’s attention and compel them to buy.

Next, determine how you will market your mini E-Book. You can start by looking for joint venture partners. Find webmasters who have lists related to your topic. And then approach them quietly with your offer. But make sure it is compelling. Webmasters with big sites get offers like yours every single day. Yours must stand apart and provide a compelling incentive, such as a large affiliate commission.

Again, the role of mini E-Books in Internet marketing is to generate viral traffic. If you don’t have people promoting your E-Book through word of mouth, then you might as well not write it.

So start with the market research. Find out if anyone will actually buy your product. Once you do that and develop a good product, start contacting your potential JV partners with a good, compelling offer.

The Purpose of a Mini E-Book to YOU

What is the purpose of a mini E-Book to you and your business? Is it simply another means through which to generate revenue? In many cases, yes, it is. Often, if you have a list, you can use a bunch of mini E-Books to supplement your income by creating a product in 2-3 days and then selling it for as little as $7. Who on your list wouldn’t buy it, provided that the information was useful and the sales page was compelling?

The purpose of a mini E-Book to you and your business that we will discuss in this article has more to do with traffic generation. Many people don’t realize this – even as they pound away on repetitive search engine optimization tasks – but the mini E-Book is often the absolute best means through which to generate traffic.

Why spend hundreds of dollars purchasing content and hiring optimization specialists when you can simply create a mini E-Book, give it to your list for free, and watch it spread like wildfire, as your subscribers give it to friends – and their friends also give it to other friends? Of course, to ensure this level of success, you will have to create content that is worth reading and answers an oft-asked question.

You will also want to give your list some sort of incentive to spread the project for you. Perhaps you could make it a re-brandable report with affiliate links that could potentially generate revenue for promoters. Additionally, you will want to teach them how best to disseminate the report. Make sure you stress the importance of the purpose of a mini E-Book and YOU to your email list, so they understand how spreading it will benefit them.

Many talented list owners, including the famous Jimmy D. Brown, will attest that this strategy has the potential to pull in massive amounts of traffic with minimal amounts of work.

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