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Table Of Contents

Introduction … 3
What You’ll Need ………. 6
Resources………… 10
Middle School Marketing Step-by-Step …………. 11
Find a Niche ………. 11
Create Your Product ……… 20
Built-in Profit Generators………. 41
Set Up Your Automated Product Delivery System …. 50
Writing and Placing Ads … ………67
Monitor Your Ads………… 88
Conclusion …. 90

Sample Content Preview

What you’re about to learn is a sure-fire method of quickly creating short reports in any niche that can be easily sold for instant cash. The purpose of this is to build a list of paying customers that you can continuously market to, but also to generate instant cash flow that will sustain you until you’re able to develop that list into a continuous source of long-term income. These reports can easily be created in a matter of a few hours, and the method is laid out in a manner that will take you from ground zero to a finished product with an automated delivery system in less than one eight hour work day.

This method of quickly creating an inexpensive marketable product is so simple that the average American middle-schooler could easily learn and successfully implement it. The only skills required are the ability to write simple English and some basic knowledge of how to use a computer and the internet.

When I say write simple English, I mean that quite literally. If you can convey a simple idea by writing, that is all you need to be able to do. In fact, this method requires very little writing at all.

That’s why I call this method Middle School Marketing. Truly, any middle-school C average student could be successful with this.

I recently documented a test of this method. It only took a total of six hours to conduct the research, create a product, set up an

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