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In this book you’re going to be educated on all things membership sites and membership site income strategies in particular. Before I proceed on to the heart of the content which is income strategies, I want to talk about the membership model in a little detail.

We all know that there is a lot of money to be made on the Internet. There are a few different business models you can follow to earn a living from the Internet, but there is one model in particular that is quite appealing to both marketing newbies and the more experienced marketer.

And that is the membership model.

It’s likely you already know the basics of a membership model, after all they’re everywhere in both the online and offline world.

The membership model is quite popular, you only have to look at those DVD clubs to see that. You know the one’s I’m talking about. You pay a monthly fee and you’re able to rent a certain amount of DVD’s in that time frame.

Well known computer stores are also increasing their revenue through membership models. Quite a few computer stores will offer a computer repair service for a recurring monthly fee.

Offline businesses are doing it, and so are online businesses. It’s a profitable model, no doubt about it.

How can an online business with no physical product to offer make money from a membership site? Easy. You offer information to your customers. People will always pay for information in nearly every niche.

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