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Table Of Contents

Chapter 01: Introduction to Membership Sites
Chapter 02: Is a membership website a worthwhile endeavor?
Chapter 03: Who can benefit from starting a membership website?
Chapter 04: Membership website business models.
Chapter 05: Choosing your Business Model and Idea
Chapter 06: Selecting Your Idea: Factors to Consider
Chapter 07: Successful Examples of Membership Websites
Chapter 08: Developing your Business Model
Chapter 09: Conclusion: Where to go from here
Chapter 10: Resources

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Chapter 01: Introduction to Membership Sites

If you ask ten different successful Internet business people what their secret to success is – You will receive ten very different answers. The truth about the Internet and Internet marketing specifically is that there is no one size fits all solution. There are numerous different ways to make money on the Internet, but every system is going to work better for certain people. Some Internet marketing and income generating programs are extremely specific in how they have to work in order to turn a profit. One excellent endeavor that can cater to a variety of different people is the membership site business model.

One of the biggest challenges that most Internet marketers are facing is fluctuating income streams. With many product launches, and a variety of other income streams, it is common to make a killing one month and then to have a sour month the next. The membership site business model is one example of this form of income generation.

One of the things that makes this membership site concept such an outstanding one, is that there is a point where you can almost completely just sit back and watch the income roll in. Most of your effort is going to go into getting members to roll in, and once you have a steady membership base, you can simply watch the monthly membership fee roll in. There will become a point where thousands of dollars will simply roll in like clockwork every single month, and this should be your ultimate goal.

The average gross yearly income in the United States is only around $28,000. Most people who make this much money every year are doing it through a job that they absolutely detest, and they are working forty hours a week or MORE doing it. What makes you think that you are tied down to that one dead end job that is going absolutely nowhere fast? If you want to generate that same $28,000 a year average that everyone is striving for without continuing at your current endless, thankless job, listen up:

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