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Chapter 1: Focus on Only 3 Things

This is going to be short & sweet, but powerful, so hang on! When starting your Internet Business, you should focus on 3 things and 3 things only. They are none other than:

1. Sell,

2. Build your list, and

3. Sell again!

And that’s it. There is really nothing else to it even as absurdly simple as it sounds. Regardless of what niche you are in, you should make these 3 goals your primary focus no matter what. And you make money only when you sell something.

You may come up with as many marketing strategies (no matter how fancy they can be) as you want, but they should all *still* focus on these 3 key tactics. Just as you can kick the ball any way you want in the football field, you score only when the ball clears the goal post.

By the same token, you make money only when you start selling, building your list and then sell again.

I thought you might also want to know: when several successful marketers were asked the question, “If you are to start all over again, what will you do first?” they often reply with answers that revolve around building their mailing list as their first priority.

This is how the phrase “the money is in the list” was coined. I am not known to join in popular opinion, but I will do anything that is time-tested for my Internet Business and you should, too!

So you can start your own newsletter, run a free or paid membership site, create your own product with Master Resell Rights, and so on – but they all must ultimately collect leads for your mailing list so that you are able to send even more offers to your list later on.

While it’s a ‘given’ that there are many ways to build your mailing list, which is in itself a subject fit for another whole book, bear this in mind: don’t feel guilty sending promotion offers to your mailing list from time to time, whether it be your own product or an offer you’re an affiliate for.

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