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Choosing markets to target with your websites is one of the few parts of internet marketing that has been around since the early days, and will be around for as long as people are marketing on the internet.

Before you worry about driving traffic, getting clicks on your ads, getting opt-ins to your email list or any of the other multitude of things you do with a new website, you need to decide what market you’re going to target.

And this is a stumbling block for a lot of people. That’s partly why you see so many people with websites on the same topics – acne treatment, natural health cures, debt relief. And of course the big one – internet marketing.

A lot of these people get stuck on trying to decide on a market, so they just pick one that they see other people using. So there winds up being a lot more competition in those markets, and a lot of those sites make little to nothing every month.

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