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How to Grow Your Mailing List

Growing your list doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take consistent effort. Focus on one or two ideas each day and you’ll be growing your list in no time. Here are some list building ideas to get you started.

1. Use the report template included in this package to help your readers solve a problem. A free report or other useful document is a great way to attract targeted subscribers.
2. Host a free webinar to collect names and addresses at registration. Or you can charge for the webinar and grow your list of customers instead.
3. Include a subscription box on all the pages of your website. In addition, include opt-in offers right in the body of your blog posts and other content. Your visitors are there for the great information and don’t always notice opt-in boxes on the sidebar, but if you make a relevant free offer right in the content they’re reading, they’re more likely to subscribe.
4. Create an opt-in page using the template included in this month’s package. It’s only purpose is to entice your visitors with the benefits of signing up for your list. Use this landing page for driving targeted traffic to your site, instead of just sending them to your home page that is filled with distractions.
5. Hold an online contest for a free giveaway where entrants can opt-in to your list when they enter.
6. Add your opt-in offer to your social media profile pages. You can even make a custom tab on your Facebook Page for opt-ins.
7. Encourage your current subscribers to share or forward your emails. Include social sharing buttons as well as an “email this to a friend” button. Include a subscribe link at the bottom of all your emails to make it easier for those receiving forwarded emails to opt-in.
8. Offer email-only exclusive deals and information to add value for your subscribers.
9. Use a pop-up with a compelling offer to attract more opt-ins. When a visitor is about to leave your website, don’t lose them forever. Make them one last free offer to sign up before they go.
10. Write guest posts on popular blogs that target a similar audience. Use the link in your byline to promote your free opt-in offer. If they love your post, they’re more likely to sign up for your list and get more content.
11. Advertise your free offer. You can use advertising platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Adwords and more. Or purchase ads in other people’s newsletters.
12. Publish content on sites like YouTube, Facebook and other content-sharing sites and drive traffic back to your opt-in page.
13. A free offer doesn’t have to be a report or a webinar. You can also create videos, audios, templates, coupon codes, apps, spreadsheets, a statistical analysis and other useful content that your visitor will readily opt-in for.
14. Write and distribute a press release about the problem your free opt-in offer solves. Invite readers of the press release to get their free report (or whatever it is you are offering).
15. If you’re new to email marketing, start with one opt-in offer, but remember there is no limit to how many you can create to drive the most targeted traffic possible to your mailing list. For example, if you have a website about gardening…you can offer a variety of free reports that help your visitors solve common gardening problems.
16. Get your affiliates to promote your opt-in offers. You can offer pay-per-lead commissions
or set up a hard-to-resist offer on the back end of your free offer, so your affiliates can promote it and earn commissions at the same time.
17. Deliver stellar content and perks that your subscribers can’t get elsewhere and they’ll stay on your list. They’ll also become your cheerleaders and refer new subscribers to your list. If you’re already publishing to a blog or social media, incorporating list building tactics is a simple and extremely valuable thing to do. Put more of your focus into growing your list and you’ll have a valuable business asset for life.

The Anatomy of a Winning Email

An email is made up of many parts; the subject line, the opener, the call-to-action and the P.S. Each of these sections are important as they can affect how well your message is received by the subscriber. Let’s take a closer look…

Subject line

The subject line is what your subscribers see in their inbox before they even click open your emails. It’s what most email marketers obsess about. It you don’t have a good subject line your email will not get opened. The subject line is where your subscribers get their first impression. It’s your hook. In fact, think of it as mini-billboard or newspaper headline.

Your subject line should be:
Descriptive and upfront. It should tell subscribers immediately what the email is about.
Captivating. It should arouse the curiosity of the reader so they want to open it.
Personal. You want it to be personalized with your company’s personality as well as your individual personality.
Professionally crafted. Make sure it’s free of grammatical and punctuation errors.
Brief. Keep it short and clear.


The opener is the beginning of the email. Once they’ve opened your email, your opener is what sets the tone for the main part of the email. In the first few words they read, your subscriber is making a judgment about you and what you want. It determines whether they will continue to read or click away.

You want make it personal but still professional. Use the person’s name if you know it. If not, then use “Hi” instead of some generic business greeting. This is your chance to build a relationship with that subscriber.


The call-to-action is, most likely, the reason you emailed in the first place. It tells them what you want them to do right now in order to take advantage of your offer. It should include a clickable link that takes them to the payment page.

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