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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Introduction To Magnetic Healing
Chapter 2:
More About The Magnets
Chapter 3:
How Magnets Help Heal Our Bodies
Chapter 4:
How Magnets Help Pain
Chapter 5:
About Putting Magnets To Work
Chapter 6:
Conditions That Are Said To Be Helped By Magnets
Chapter 7:
How Magnets Help Stress
Chapter 8:
What To Look For
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 1: Introduction To Magnetic Healing


Illustrations of life’s magnetic nature are now bountiful. A lot of creatures, like homing pigeons, butterflies, and bees pilot themselves utilizing the globes magnetic field.

Behind The Term

Even human beings put up more or less sense magnetic direction. These powers, in part, seem to be mediated by a magnetic substance known as magnetite, which has been chanced upon in the tissue, including the human brain, of a lot of animate things.

Researchers have discovered magnetite clusters near the brain’s essential, magnetically sensitive pineal gland, which releases hormones impacting the total body.

Not only are we impacted by magnetic fields but we likewise generate them. For instance, scientists may measure the brain and heart’s magnetic fields with tools called the magnetoencephalograph and magnetocardiogram, respectively.

Life’s magnetic possibility is so awesome that we may even defy gravity under the correct conditions. For instance, scientists may levitate frogs by utilizing high-intensity magnetic fields.

Once subjected to such strong fields, whirling electrons inside the frog align themselves to cumulatively produce a small magnetic field. Such as a compass needle forced back by a bar magnet, the big external field forces back the frog’s small field sufficiently to neutralize gravity.

Magnetism has constantly been a part of mankind’s healing armamentarium. A lot of indigenous and ancient cultures – including the Hebrews, Arabs, American Indians, Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks – utilized magnets for therapeutic matters.

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