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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
100% Commission Offers Basics
Chapter 2:
The Benefits Of 100% Commission Offers
Chapter 3:
How To Use 100% Commission Offers Correctly
Chapter 4:
Making Money With 100% Commission Offers
Chapter 5:
How To Evaluate An Offer
Chapter 6:
What To Avoid With 100% Commission Offers
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

The Benefits Of 100% Commission Offers

The most obvious benefit would be the payments that are automatic and hassle free. They are also fairly immediate when compared to other tools used.

What You Garner

Using the Rapid Action Profits facilitated the easier platform in attracting affiliated and JV partners because of the positive payment of any commissions earned. This is an enormously beneficial point for those who would like to be able to actually receive their profits as soon as a transaction is completed as compared to some other scenarios where a waiting period of 30 – 60 days is fairly common. The elimination of having to reach certain quotas before payments are calculated is also another benefit of this system.

Another huge benefit is the elimination of having to work out and write cheques for affiliates, do mass pays or even having to deal with tax returns.

This is predominantly because the profits are immediately realized from the customers end. Besides being a time and energy saver this also frees the individual to concentrate on matters relating to bringing in the desired revenue such as building more JV partnerships, creating launches, creating products or services are a few to be mentioned.

The other benefits include being able to multiply the sales force by using affiliates to help sell the individual’s product or services without

having to incur additional charges or additional services and tools. Using the one time offers as an incentive for the buyer who are already interested in making purchases. This is always beneficial because these customers will then encourage others to visit the site to enjoy the promotions too.

Instead of having to entertain only those who are seeking free things the individual should consider focusing on the opt-in list with the paying customers as this is where the benefits lie in term of actual realized revenue.

Chapter 3:

How To Use 100% Commission Offers Correctly

One of the ways to capitalize on the 100% commission offers is the potential to increase the affiliated of the individual’s products or services. This makes the system very effective in helping to build one’s list. This list can then be used to further extend the option of forming another tier of affiliates who can also have the same opportunities to earn revenue.

Utilizing it Better

Using the 100% commission offers to encourage the affiliates to make closing sales is another way to effectively use this system to build a strong and comfortable income.

As the commissions are immediately realized the benefits are apparent in terms of payment time frames which are virtually nonexistent.

This is a very important feature for those affiliates who are interested in making immediate money and this will also contribute to the individual’s own base of earnings.

There is also the feature of an in build email data base that is available for the easier monitoring of the traffic to the site. When there is an interested visit whether in the form of a sale or through a give away the email address of the visitor is automatically registered.

This then effectively enable the individual to send emails out to these visitors without actually having to leave the said site. Adding to this there is also another feature that helps to display the results of the RAP’s split testing sales pages, and this is done automatically.

There is always the danger of losing the paying customer or carefully designed material to other users. Thus another benefit of this system is to ensure there are no downloads done until a clear indication by

PayPal is shown to confirm payment has been made. Here again the actual earning is received before any other action is taken therefore clearly benefiting the individual.

Chapter 4:

Making Money With 100% Commission Offers

Profits are always appealing to any affiliate and when the possibilities are 100% commission offers then the attraction is even greater.

The Profits

Because of the integrated and automated features which monitor the sales functions other features like the multiple sales letters, limited offers, split testing, opt-ins, conversion tracking and PayPal integration are also parceled in. This equates to freeing the individual to being able to better concentrate on bringing in and enjoying the revenue earned.

When the affiliates are motivated due to the incentives and possibilities of the 100% commission offers the individual’s product will be easily sold through their efforts. Thus the income garnered is definite and substantial.

There is also another revenue earning element, which is choosing to charge the affiliate a fee for signing on and in return they will be given a central statistics tracking platform and other incentives.

However unless the product to be sold is very popular and affordable the fee may deter potential affiliates from signing up, thus working out to have adverse effects instead.

The fast viral traffic building element is also another feature that is attractive because the 100% commissions paid out immediately. The monetary benefits derived from the up sells and backend sales plus the ever rapidly growing mailing list all add up to better attractions to big and small affiliates which will help the business expand further and faster.

The relatively short time frame needed to get the affiliates interested and garnering sales is another reason for the monetary gain. By using professionally designed templates the tracking of sales pages, squeeze pages, one time offer pages and down load pages can be done and set up within just an hour or two.

Attracting customers who are already in the purchasing phase with further incentives is also another feature that should be used as often as possible.

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