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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Relationship Basics

Chapter 2: Get In Touch With Your Own Feelings

Chapter 3: Understand How Your Fears Impact Your Responses

Chapter 4: Have Realistic Expectations

Chapter 5: Learn How To Take Responsibility For Your Part Of The Relationship

Chapter 6: Learn How To Be Attentive

Chapter 7: Learn How To Be A Good Communicator

Chapter 8: Learn How To Not Hold A Grudge

Chapter 9: Develop Like Interests

Wrapping Up

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Do you frequently ask yourself if you’re still pleased with the relationship? Do you frequently look back to check why you’re with the individual you’re with today? Do you feel that the relationship is brining you down more that it’s bringing you up? You might be in an unhealthy relationship and you might have to learn how to maintain a healthy relationship. Get all the info you need here.

Locking In Love

The Guide To Sustaining A Relationship

Chapter 1: Relationship Basics


What is a sound relationship?

The Basics

A sound relationship ought to have the accompanying qualities: A sense of respect for one another. Your partner ought to be able to give you the same respect he wants from you. This is honor for your identity, for your unequalled personality – your humor or the uncanny way you laugh. Likewise this means a sense of respect for your choices. Accepting your choices and comprehending it. Simply put, mutual esteem in a relationship implies that you value each other’s differences and comprehend them, not attempt to alter the other individual’s personality.

Trust for one another. Trust means recognizing that your mate is faithful to you regardless how many alluring chances surround him. This is when you see your beau talking to a new girl in his class and you’d know deep inside that your mate loves you enough to not play around. Everyone is entitled to feel envious. It is, after all, a really normal emotion. It’s how you respond to that emotion that will count. Acting on jealousy will only bring you down and won’t be healthy for your relationship.

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