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Why did you come to this site?

If you run a flower business, then your customer probably showed up to buy flowers, not to read about the history of how it’s beenhanded down from your grandpa. If the order form or catalog isn’t the very first thing they see, then a link to it should be the first underlined text they come across.

Everything else should be in the menu, or in the sidebar, or at the bottom of the page. But the middle of your screen is the prime real estate. You viewers are typically there for one thing, put it right in front of them.

Your NAP information(Name, Address, and Phone number) should be readily availableas well.

Typically, this information is either found on a side-bar, or down at the bottom. This way it’s displayed on every page of the site, and the user (and consequently, the web spider) doesn’t have to go hunting for it by clicking every option on your menu or anything.

It should be on every, single, page; and it should appear identically.

If you do have an “about us” page where it is listed as part of the content, that’s fine. Two to three total impressions are the max, not because you should spam your address all over the place, but because you might have a map page, or a how to find us, or something similar.

You want this information to be tight and easy to read. No fancy fonts, make it large enough to see.

The one thing that is incredibly important is that the information appears the same, everywhere it is listed. Check every instance of this online business card to make sure they match, and search engines will treat you favorably.

If you have a transposed number in your zip-code, or a different formatting for your telephone number, it will be frowned upon. Remember, spiders aren’t people, they’re programs, and as much as they are attempting to emulate a user experience, they aren’t actually loading content, or seeing the page as your human customers do.
To plan for the future, all text on your site should be spoken in the language of human speech.

The sound and feel of every little blurb should sound as you would if you were speaking directly to your customers.

This is where overuse of keywords will become obvious, and a natural language approach will be better for voice searches and navigation, which are becoming more popular all the time.

The easiest way to keep NAP informationstraight is to create a business card widget. This will ensure that the information is copied accurately and consistently across your website.

And even though it isn’t part of local SEO, you will want to check all of your advertising and use the widget there as well. Consistency is key.

Another advantage of the business card widget is that you can add a professional logo to it, to help brand building. You can even design it to look just like your business card.

Just be sure that the text information is actual text. Your email address can be linkable. Make it easy for the spiders to find everything.

Don’t abuse keywords. More and more, search engines are scanning for keyword spamming. A better approach is to make sure that the focus of the article or text necessitates the need for keyword placement.

Long tail keywords in the page title are important. This isn’t just the first thing a customer sees, but how spiders decide the focus evaluation of the rest of the article.

Use keywords to be specific about the product, service, or topic of discussion, and make sure that they reflect what is in the title of the post.

Don’t just shoot for the most search engine hits. Aim for the keywords that make you stand out from the competition.

In the flower businessexample, if most of your customers want flowers for proms and dating, then you can use specific flowers or arrangements they might be searching for. “Corsages and Boutonnieres for Prom Night, and add a Roses or Bouquet” versus “A Flower for your Girl.”

• Which one do you think is going to get more hits on Google?
• Which one is going to tell your customer that you have a selection?
• Which one is going to hint at the fact that you know how to get a guy just the rightarrangement for the big night?

The title also makes it easy to focus the article around arrangements, which will give you natural language approaches to re-use each keyword several times without appearing like you’re trying to spam.

This will be rewarded by both your customers, and the search spiders.

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