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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
Green Up Your Wash
Chapter 2:
Green Up Your Electricity
Chapter 3:
Green Up Your Food
Chapter 4:
Green Up Your Play Time
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Green Up Your Yard
Chapter 7:
Beef Up Your House
Chapter 8:
Green Up Appliances And Fixtures
Chapter 9:
Green Up Your Car
Chapter 10:
Stop Filling The Landfills

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Most of us are aware that we need to go green to help save our planet. There are some benefits to going green as well. Are you aware that you can save money by being environmentally friendly? The following are some tips on how you can easily save some cash by going green at home.

Save The Power

One of the easiest steps you can take to go green at home is to change your light bulbs. Using compact fluorescent light bulbs will consume less electricity than a conventional light bulb. This will lower your electric bill meaning more cash in your pocket while you do your part in bettering the environment.

Get in the habit of taking shorter showers. Taking a shower for an hour will not get you any cleaner than taking just 15 minutes. This will use a great deal less hot water and consequently you will use less energy which will save you money on your water and energy bill.

Turn things off when you are not present in the room. There’s no need to use power on something no one is around to use, do this and you will notice the amount of electricity you save and the amount of money you save.

Keep things unplugged that aren’t being used. For example, chargers for phones, electric heaters, or even your T.V. Even when you’re not using these electronics they still consume power when they are plugged in. Unplugging them will save power as well as some cash for yourself.

In the winter, use the oven as a heater when possible by keeping the door open after you have cooked a meal. Make sure to turn the oven off before doing this to ensure safety. Going green with your electricity is simple all it takes is a little effort.


The health of our environment greatly depends upon the choices we make to reduce toxic emissions and limiting the use of dangerous chemicals. Did you know that what’s best for the environment is usually what’s best for us as well? Read the following tips to learn how you can eat green and benefit from it as well.

What You Eat

Whenever possible buy locally grown produce. This will not only provide you will healthier fruits and vegetables but they will be fresher and taste better as well. Eating locally grown produce reduces the need for truck shipping which in turn will save massive amounts of gasoline per year and contribute to climate change.

Cut back about a quarter of your total meat consumption. You don’t have to give up your favorite meats, try cutting back the portion size or eat meat only at your evening dinner. 20-percent of the total greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere are thanks to the livestock industry. Enjoy eating your meat just try to cut back on it a little bit.

Avoid processed food when choosing foods. The best way to go is with whole foods. You can easily distinguish whole foods from others by comparing them to their natural state. Non-homogenized milk, unpolished grains and raw fruits and vegetables are examples of whole food.

When purchasing coffee buy shade-grown coffee when possible. Unknown to many their favorite morning drink may be responsible for destroying thousands of trees. New hybrid coffee bean plants grow on massive sunny plantations where thousands of acres of trees are taken from the land, killing the trees as well as the tropical birds that call them home. True heirloom coffee beans grow only in the shade. You can purchase shade-grown coffee online and do your part to save Mother Nature and those we share the world with.

Many types of fish as caught that will be eaten along with many more that will be wasted. Fisherman will dispose of accidentally caught fish while trying to catch a certain type of fish. This waste of food and animal life is a disgrace but you can enjoy eating healthy fish and seafood by choosing varieties of fish that are not subject to large amounts of accidental catch. For example choose Pacific Albacore tuna but avoid fish such as Bluefin tuna.


Most of us are aware that we need to go green to help save our planet. There are some benefits to going green as well. Are you aware that you can save money by being environmentally friendly? The following are some tips on how you can easily save some cash by going green at home.


It is very important to educate our children about the planets natural wonders and the how beautiful it is. A great way to teach your children about this is to have our children spend some time doing “green” and eco-friendly activities.

Spending time at a beach can be a fantastic way to engage kids in the ocean’s beauty and the numerous specialized eco-systems that can survive only in the marine niches of our environment and no where else. The beach is a perfect opportunity to spend some bonding time with your loved ones as well as enjoy the outdoors and you’ll have to spend little money.

Taking nature trips can also be a great way to have some green fun with the kids. For example, gather together a bunch of friends and their children. Load everyone up a head out into the woods, forests, deserts or another natural biome in your area. Spend time collecting some of the natural growths or objects that you can find in this area. Try making this a game so it can be educational as well as fun.

Practice buying recycled goods when shopping this will educate you as well as your children.

If not already doing so start buying organic foods and teach the children to eat healthier and “green.” Buy local grown produce as well. Not only will the produce taste fresher but growing locally also benefits the environment by reducing the amount of oil needed to transport the goods many miles away.

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