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Table Of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Goals Of This Section
3 Understanding List Management 1.
3b. Always Be Truthful
3c. The Rile Of Your List: Always At The Front Of Your Mind
3d. Listen To Your List, Reap The Rewards
4. The Rating System
4b. E-zines And Newsletters
4c. Personal List, Mixed Content
5. Summary.
6. Goals Of This Section
7. Personal List, Affiliate And Ad Content
8. The Ad List
9. Divide And Conquer
9b. The Personal Touch
9c. All Done, Now It’s Your Turn
10. Summary
11. Goals Of This Section
12. List Building Methods
12a. Quality Over Quantity
12b. Getting Started
12c. Throwing Out Prospects Doesn’t Get Your Organized
12d. Am I Building My List While Doing This?
12e. Professionalism Revisited
12f. Where your Most Effective List Comes From
12g. The Ultimate Tried And Tested List Builder
12h. Be Careful Not To Interrupt Your Sales Process
12i. Maximizing Subs Without Losing Sales
12j. Non Profit Resource Building
12k. A Few Last Words
13. Summary

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1. An Introduction

List maintenance is one of the most important subjects in online marketing. Your list is your number one and most basic bottom level output for your promotions. It’s expensive and time consuming to gather, but forms one of the most powerful resources and profit potential you have.

For this reason, we need to understand exactly how it works. Throughout my time in online marketing, I’ve tried many different formats. There’s clear differences that allow some methods to come out on top, while some fail miserably.

Depending on your business, there’s several solutions that might be right for you. For this reason, we need to look at the big five to allow you to decide which one is going to make you the most cash.

Lets do it.

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