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How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Mailing List – Powerful Advice for Bloggers 4
Important Tools for List Building 5
Building E-Mail Lists: Why You Mustn’t Feel Shy 6
Incentives You Can You to Encourage Sign Up for Your Lists 7
Other Uses for Mailing Lists 8
What is List Building? 9
Why List Building is Such an Important Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy 11
Want to Grow Your Mailing List to New Heights? Try These Smart Techniques 12
Why You Don’t Want Everyone on Your Mailing List 13
Pop Up Windows for E-Mail Collection – Good or Terrible Idea? 14

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How to Get People to Sign Up for Your Mailing List – Powerful Advice for Bloggers

If you run a blog, then having a mailing list is a very important part of your strategy and can go a long way towards helping turn your visitors into true fans – and better yet, customers. Think about it: if you ever want to sell an e-book, how much more likely is someone to be interested in that if they have previously given you their e-mail address in order to sign up to a mailing list?

Mailing lists are important then, but if you have simply dumped your sign-up form on the right hand side of your page with the hope that people will enter their names and e-mails in droves you’re likely to be disappointed.

Instead, you need to follow these tips…

Build Trust Through Great Content

The first thing to ensure you are doing is updating your site regularly with great quality content. Your objective is to a) give your visitors a taster of the kind of content they’ll get if they sign up and b) get them to trust you and to respect what you have to say. Giving out an e-mail is quite a personal thing, so if your site seems spammy they won’t touch that form with a bargepole. Instead, show that you know what you’re talking about and that you’re respectful by letting your content speak for itself.

Talk About Your Mailing List

Many bloggers are a little shy to be asking for e-mails and so they avoid mentioning their list directly. This is a mistake though, as actually talking about your mailing list can do a great deal to get people aware of it and interested in it. Directly ask people to sign up, talk about your aspirations and explain the exciting content that will only be coming to your newsletters. Get people excited about your mailing list as though it were a product you were selling itself.

Show Snippets

A great strategy you can use to encourage more people to sign up to your list is to actually share snippets of content from your mailing lists. You can even use a mailing list to expand on content you’ve written on the site – to discuss an article in more detail for instance or to go into the second half. This way you can give people a taster and if it’s good, they’ll hopefully want more!

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