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Create showcase pages specifically to draw customers to individual pages for different products, services or events.

Add your LinkedIn link to your email signature. Email is still one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Having your LinkedIn link in front of them when they read your newsletter encourages them to click through and follow you.

Create and follow a consistent posting schedule of good content.

Invite your current followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to follow your LinkedIn Page.

Send personalized invitations to people you want to connect with. Replace the default invitation LinkedIn provides with one that is personalized. It shows them you are actually a valuable professional connection.

How to Engage Your Following to Grow Your Business

Now that you have those followers, you want them to engage with you. Engagement is one of the main reasons businesses are on social media. Providing engaging content that’s entertaining or inspiring is one way. Here are several other ways.

Ask Questions

Participate in LinkedIn Groups. Share your expertise, answer questions, ask questions or comment.

Share Content

• Consistently share content that is inspiring, informative, entertaining, or helpful.
• Share interesting videos on how to use your product or do something.
• Ask your employees to engage in your content.
• Know who you are talking to. Who’s your client persona? What are their wants, needs, likes and behavior?
• Publish articles that evoke an emotion. You want your audience to feel something.
• Know when to post. Your followers will be more receptive to you if you’re posting to their feeds when they are online.

Linking to resources

Linking to outside content can be a good idea. Ignore the ho-hum content and instead link to the best posts, articles and videos that will inspire your audience to click.

Include Rich Media

Even though LinkedIn is a business platform, your content still needs to stand out from everyone else. Text only posts are a thing of the past. Use images if you are posting an article.

Link to your YouTube channel videos from LinkedIn. YouTube videos automatically play in LinkedIn’s news feed.

Useful LinkedIn Features for Building Business

LinkedIn has several built-in features for building your business. Each feature works on its own to grow your business. Implement several of them for even more effect.

Try Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are like a subdomain of your company page. It allows you to spotlight a specific area or service in your business. For example, you could have a spotlight page on your coaching services and one on your newest product.

Members can choose to follow one or more of your spotlight pages. You can create up to 10 Showcase pages for you company.

Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn members provide detailed information about their careers, professional interests, skills, and associations. This makes it an exceptional choice for creating targeting ads. They offer several self-service solutions including sponsored content, text ads and sponsored InMail, which is similar to email marketing except it’s within LinkedIn’s system.

Pay Attention to Analytics

LinkedIn offers detail analytics, helping you see the kind of content your followers will engage in. The analytics help you understand who your followers are and their demographics. And LinkedIn Analytics tracks traffic and the activity on your page.

Create Your Own Groups

Groups allow followers to stay up to date on the latest news and discussions in your business. Post relevant and interesting topics, ask questions, interact with your audience to grow your business. Being active in groups widens your network and builds connections

Blogging Interface

The new blogging interface on LinkedIn is easy to navigate and write original blog posts. Blogging on the platform could bring more attention to your brand’s site. You can curate

your content, add video with captions, or share quotes that spark conversations. With LinkedIn’s blog posts you can save posts as drafts or see the translated posts for global connections,

LinkedIn is a professional network where professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs gather to build credibility, create networks that are meaningful and where they can get insider expertise from others in their industry.

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