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A note from Leanne… JayKay asked me to put together a Bio to send to all you UM’ers with the zip files of my works done for him and this membership. So, after much thought and mental agonizing over how to present myself… ya’ know? My resume package says it all. Please take a look through… that’ll be good for a day’s journey! But truly, I’ve been in PC tech for 20 years, on the Net since 1994, taught online and overall in Educ with 2 online degrees, for almost a decade… and now I’ve come full circle back to what I really love. Web creation. Art. And working closely with people who become more than clients, but friends.

 This is more ME, than all that Education. Just an ol’ Boulder Gurl, still worrying the 60s issues, and being a bit of the renegade. I find that I fit well with the core of what the Net is. And the community of minds. The REAL education happens at the center of what we are, and what we do. And if it doesn’t become something you share, then it is not as meaningful. I am talking the difference between the almighty J.O.B., and working for longer hours and less money at something that is a passion.

Here’s the deal. My current market rate is $75 to $125 per hour. Intel yells at me about once a month. No way. Corporate and the J.O.B. isn’t anything I’d ever consider again. The freedom of my virtual business is precious. I cut to the core on pricing (see my quote page). And, in the past few weeks of national financial chaos, my liddle Hippie Gurl genes reared up to face the issues… and I cut my pricing again, to $20 per hour. The more we can do to keep the Work Ball rolling along, the more quickly we will all recover.

SO! My offer to you, my fellow UM’ers, is even better than that. I am offering my services to you, for ANY project, at

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