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Publish Your Book

When you finish your book, you’ll need to choose how to publish your Kindle Book. You can publish it via regular KDP or KDP select. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these options.

When you publish via regular KDP, you can still publish your book elsewhere including on your website, via affiliate sites like Clickbank.com or JVZOO.com. But, if you use KDP Select, you promise exclusivity for 90 days for your book. This opens up some extra marketing features for you such as price cuts, the ability for readers to lend your book, and more.

The biggest thing to consider is whether or not you plan to promote your book in other avenues and on other platforms. If you do, choose KDP. If not, try KDP Select first. You can always cancel it after the first 90 days.

It’s really just another way to promote your book because of the lending feature. After all, the point is to get the book in front of as many eyes as possible in order to send the audience to get on your lists and buy other things from you. But, if you are already selling your book on other platforms, you can’t use it. It’s okay because you don’t need it to make your book a success and helping grow your business via publishing on Kindle.

Promote Your Book

Whether you publish on Kindle or not, promotion is necessary. Every author has to promote their books to get buyers. While you may get one or two buyers just by the virtue of having published them on Kindle, you usually will still need to promote if you want to become a best-selling author or you want to use the book to promote your business.

– How to Have Free Forever Books – In order to have free forever books you cannot be part of KDP Select because the way it works is via price matching. Set Amazon to price-match your book to offer the lowest price it’s available anywhere, and then set it up on another platform as free. You can do this by publishing your book for free on Smashwords.

– Why Your Cover Matters so Much – The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is really a poor turn of phrase. Why? Everyone judges a book by its cover. Test it out yourself by publishing your book with different covers for a period of time and see which one does best. Covers sell books. Consider hiring a professional to design your cover so you can get the most out of this marketing avenue.

– Webinars – A really great way to not only promote your business but your book is to host or speak at webinars. Live events really get the word out about you and your offerings in ways that other events can’t, even when it’s a recording. Consider giving away your book free in order to get people on your list.

– Social Media – Set up a social media page for your book. That way you can post on the page and draw an audience using ads and other events to get attention. For example, if you set up a Facebook Page for your book, you can run an advertisement to get people to like the page.

– Live Events – Hardly anything is better than live events to promote your books, your business, and yourself. This is especially true if you publish a best seller. People love hearing from experts at live events and a published book will make you look more like an expert than anything else outside of public speaking.

– Cross Promote – Inside your book, you should promote yourself providing information about where to find you, how to sign up for your email lists and more. Always incentivize them by offering something more if they do sign up, such as an added bonus. Perhaps a checklist that goes with the book.

– Your Author’s Page – Your Author’s page is probably one of your best ways to advertise yourself online for Kindle. Be sure to claim each published book so that it is on your author’s page. Plus, you can bring in your blog feeds, social media feeds and more, which can make your author’s page even more interesting. Remember that while you are promoting your book, you’re promoting yourself and your business, too.

Getting Started

The best way to get started using Kindle books to grow your business is to learn from others who have done it. One of the very best examples is Kristen Joy from The Book Ninja. She took a dare once and published a book a week on Kindle for a long period of time. This act brought her enormous press, attention, notoriety, and fame. But, the end result was that it brought her more business. You don’t have to publish a book a week to get attention if you don’t want to, but you can learn a lot from what she did.

– Write About Your Passion – Writing about topics you know that point back to your business and expertise is a must. If you’re not knowledgeable and passionate about the topic as it relates to your business, you may be in the wrong business.

– Write Directly to Your Audience – You’re already a business owner with an expertise and an audience. Each book you publish should be directed toward them, and solve problems for them.

– Include Directions on How to Find You – Include ways to contact you including social media, your website, your newsletters and more in the book so that your audience can find you. Give directions in more than one place in case they don’t read everything.

– Incentivize Your Readers – Give them a reason to want to go to your website after reading. For example, offer a checklist, or a cheat sheet related to the book they’re reading that they can go grab from your site. Collect their email address, send them the freebie, and they’re on your list not as a cold list member but as a buyer. After all, they’ve already bought your book.

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