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Las Vegas Lessons by Rachel Castagne

Las Vegas Lessons is my journey or initial exploration of the Flawless Living Operating System that I was introduced to by Mike Jay back in Vegas in August 2010. It amuses me to realise now that I was immersed in a new way of seeing the world and my life in the place where most people go to gamble and get high on whatever cocktail of drink and drugs suits them.

There are 12 elements of Flawless Living, which is really about accepting your flaws and limitations and designing your unique structure which eliminates your limitations. Like all 12 step programmes Flawless Living depends for your success upon you collaborating, peering and sharing with others who are also exploring the Flawless Living paradigm.

The 12 steps or elements are structured with 4 pillars:

• Awareness

• Purpose

• Competence

• Wellth =well being + wealth


Step 1: Happiness is Natural

As children we tend to do what makes us happy naturally. Happiness emerges over time when we can play to our strengths and get into ‘flow’ states by expressing our passion and doing what we are good at. We are all ‘wired’ differently with unique combinations of intrinsic wiring and values.

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