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In French, there are several levels of politeness. But to keep things simple this phrasebook is limited to two levels — formal and informal — with complex rules about age and social rank that determine which level you use. In France and most of the rest of the world, formal speech is the default; in Canada, it’s informal that’s used more often. This phrasebook gives everything in the formal level of politeness, on the principle that your friends or peers will just laugh if you address them too formally (vouvoyer), but strangers and “superiors” will find it offensive if you address them too intimately (tutoyer). Except for a few phrases, such as “Buzz off”, when you want to be offensive.

Note you should try not to pronounce the “G” where “NG” is used in the pronunciation hint.

– Bonjour. (bohng-ZHOOR)

Hello. (informal)
– Salut. (sah-LUU)

How are you?
– Comment allez-vous? (kuh-mahng tah-lay VOO?)

Fine, thank you.
– Bien, merci. (byahng, mehr-SEE)

What is your name?
– Comment vous appelez-vous? (kuh-MAWNG vooz ah-puhll-ay VOO?)

My name is ______ .
– Je m’appelle ______ . (zhuh mah-PEHLL _____)

Nice to meet you.
РEnchanté(e). (ahng-chahng-TAY)


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