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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
What Are Subscription Sites?
Chapter 2:
3 Ways to Get People to Subscribe to Your Website
Chapter 3:
Quality over Quantity
Chapter 4:
Generating Leads and Getting Them to Subscribe
Chapter 5:
How to „Speak‟ with Your Subscribers
Chapter 6:
Giving the Subscribers What They Are Looking for
Chapter 7:
Giving Away Freebies and Incentives
Chapter 8:
Ensuring Viral Marketing for Your Membership Site
Chapter 9:
Sell More than They Have Come for
Chapter 10:
Getting Subscribers to Go for Repeat Subscriptions

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Quality over Quantity

You may already be rejoicing over the hits you got for your site but do not be too complacent just yet. Just because your subscription site is getting many visits does not necessarily mean that you are close to succeeding your goal.

Increasing Your Web Traffic

It is very important that you increase the traffic on your web. This would mean that more visitors are coming to your site and checking out its contents. It would also mean that your site could become a credible place in which advertisers can place in their advertisements.

Increasing Conversion Rates

While you already have many people visiting your site, it would be no use if they were only one-time visitors. Of course, you would want them to keep on coming back to your site repeatedly. Just because your subscription site has traffic, it does not mean that there are many people who are signing up as a subscriber to your site.

Why an Increased Conversion Rate Is Much Better than Increased Web Traffic

An increased conversion rate is better than having an increase in web traffic. Since you will be sending out paid newsletters, it is more important that you get more people sign up as subscribers.

Your newsletter or website may contain various advertisements or trial offers which, if clicked or viewed by a subscriber, could generate profits for you. If your goal is only to increase web traffic, you may have more profits for this month from advertisements. However, if the traffic decreases, you could zero out on your profits. When you have a bigger conversion rate, it would mean that more people are regular visitors to your site. If this can be maintained then you should have a constant and regular flow of profits from the advertisements that are in your website.


How to get people you have found to become subscribers.

Generating Leads and Getting Them to Subscribe

Now that you know is quality is more important than quantity – that is, increasing conversion rates are very important – then you must also know methods in order to achieve that goal.

Many businesses employ various lead generation methods:-

1) Internet Marketing and Advertising

Most businesses are into putting up advertisements in other websites and search engines. Each time a person searches for a topic similar to the one being discussed in your site or when there is an article in another site that is similar, the ads that are displayed are also related to the topic and may include your site.

The great thing about it is that it does not cost much. Usually, advertisers such as Google charge business owners only for the times when the advertisement is clicked. Therefore, it is very cost-efficient and you do not have to pay for the times when the ad is not generating traffic to your site.

2) Email Marketing

Another way to do lead generation is to send email messages to individuals. Of course, the email must have content that are related to what your site offers. You could also do the same for your sales pages. At the end of the message, you can place in an invitation to subscribe to your site, what it has to offer, and then place a link to your site. It is a non-costly way in which you can entice more readers to become members of your site.

Why Lead Generation Methods?

The reason why people would want to click on your advertisements, whether in search engines, other websites or in email messages, is that they are looking for the information, which you may have on your site. Thus, you will have to look for these people while they are also doing the same.

It is a win-win situation. The person finds the information needed and you get the subscribers you want to gain. It also does not cost much – it is only charged on a per click basis and usually in bulk or per thousand clicks.


The right approach with your subscribers takes you the longest way.

How to ‘Speak’ with Your Subscribers

When you already have some subscribers to your site, how do you manage them? It may still be simple to email each one of them with confirmations and updates the first time they subscribe, but what if the numbers grow bigger? Remember that you also have to write your content, too.

For this task, you will have to use those various tools for internet marketing to make it a lot easier. There is a tool called an auto-responder that you can use to automatically reply to subscription requests, answers to subscriber requests and sending of news and updates to the subscribers.

It is very important that you always maintain contact with your subscribers. This way they do not feel left alone and it would not make them feel that you only need them for monetization purposes. Having constant communication with your subscribers would also let you know what they need and what they would want to read from your newsletters.

With the auto-responder tool, you can send a simple survey to all people included in your subscription list and ask them a few things about your site. You might want to gauge their level of interest on your site and the topics and you could even ask them if they feel that they are getting better news and content from other websites. It would then be from these results that you could take action.

See, it does not take so much time nor effort to be able to reach out to your hundreds, thousands, or millions of subscribers. If you are just able to use the right tools to do the job, it would not be such a hard task and you would be able to talk with your subscribers without having to go through each one of them for a chat or conversation.

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