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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Eating Better
Chapter 2:
Get Organized
Chapter 3:
Get A Morning Routine
Chapter 4:
Hone Your Networking
Chapter 5:
New Way To Handle Your Mail
Chapter 6:
Put Together An SOP
Chapter 7:
Dust Off Your Brain
Chapter 8:
Get Off Your Butt
Chapter 9:
Read More
Chapter 10:
What It All Comes Down To

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Being organized is yet another great way to invest in yourself.

Putting It All In Order

It looks to me that people are busier than ever these days. We’re perpetually running from one activity to the next and seem to leave a trail of debris in our wake wherever we go. There’s so much to do, I can’t possibly be annoyed with things like “doing laundry so I’m not dirty and disgusting.”

Here’s the trouble, though: not being organized really makes us slower, which is something we certainly don’t have time for. If we don’t know what we’ve got, where it is, and how to get it, we run into dangerous problems, depressed productivity and elevated stress levels.

I’ve oftentimes found that taking just a few minutes to get organized will really save a ton of time; and these matters really only take a couple of minutes. Here are 8 ways to get organized in only 5 minutes. Some are only for your computer, others can be utilized anyplace in your life.


We’ve all got gobs of notes lying around – notes to yourself, matters to remember, reasons why we’re marvelous. Take a couple of minutes, and type them up. Telephone numbers, addresses, projects, personal notes and the like are all easier to find, edit and utilize when they’re digital.


Perhaps you’re not a computer person. Take all those disparate, loose notes, and consolidate them. Take a separate, large piece of paper, and copy over everything you even want or need onto that one sheet. Having everything in one place makes it more well-situated to find, and eliminates some of the clutter that’s unavoidably entered your space. Even if you do use a computer, the same thought applies – pull all your loose documents, or sticky notes, into one easily accessible space.

Choose a Space

This is among my favorites and decidedly among the most substantial ways to spend a couple of minutes organizing. Choose a small space, like the top of the icebox, or underneath your bed; clean that like mad – I mean it needs to be impeccable. When done, progress to another small spot and declutter that. Breaking this down into little manageable projects will make getting organized a ton less daunting.

Mind Purge

This is among the best things you can do, both for your sanity and your productivity. Periodically sit down with a pen and paper (or computer, or a napkin), and set down everything in your head. Things you need to arrange, things that are bothering you, matters you want to know; whatever it is, get it all out of your head. It’ll free your learning ability to think of other matters and give you an idea of what, exactly, is on your mind. You are able to mind purge anywhere, and you’ll always feel improved having done it.

Throw Away

Go through your stuff, brush aside everything you want to keep, and merely have a throwing-away party. I do this with digital files day in and day out, but it works as well in your home or office; just do away with stuff. Commonly, what takes the longest is solving what to do with the stuff we still want. So don’t do that. Just do away with everything else, and marvel in how much less debris you’ve got to addres now.

Get A System

Filing is the not-so-fun, but orderly, next step from the throw away bonanza. It can be made a lot more amusive, and simple, by having a system in place. So, before you start filing things arbitrarily, make a simple system for it. Think about the 10 things you have the most of: where does each one belong? What do you want to do with them? Once you’ve acquired an visible, no-brainer system in place, knowing where everything goes and placing it there just becomes motor memory. And that’s much better than filing away otherwise.

A Place For Everything

This is all about staving off the overwhelmed feeling that can come from attempting to get organized. Rather than dealing with everything at once, just choose one thing – say, movies. If you’ve got three hundred movies lying all around your home, and nowhere to put them, just work with those. Find a home for them, get them all in their correct place, and organize them to your heart’s content. There’s no questioning where each new thing goes, as they all go in the same place. Just put everything in the same place, and leave the rest of your material for later. If nothing else, at any rate one thing’s easier to find now.

Get It Searchable

This one’s plainly only for your digital life . Among the great advantages of the speed and power of our computers, also as the Internet, is how powerful the search functionality is – you can discover almost anything with just a few clicks. Google does it for the Web, and there are a gang of solutions for searching your computer stuff. If you’ve got a PC, Google Desktop is a great one. Mac users: Spotlight is your best ally. Searching is quicker than filing, let alone more complete. Choose a folder on your computer, dump everything into it, and search away!

Get into the habit of using to-do lists, carrying around a notepad to put down tasks at any time, weekly reviews and other productivity tricks. The options for different methods and styles are endless.

Price of Investment:

• 1-2 months to adjust to habits.
• Various hours to design system.
• 1-2 hours a month for sustaining/tweaking system.
• Affordable to buy notepads, folders and organizers.

What You Get:

• Decreased stress from forgetting tasks.
• Heightened productivity.
• Less jumble.
• More time from being able to speedily batch work.


Are you aware of just how much a regular morning routine can help you in all areas?

Make It A Habit

If you prefer to maximize your success while accomplishing the best possible balance in your life, you might want to take a new look at what time you wake and what you do with your time before getting to work.

I asked some top dogs what time they wake up, when they have their 1st cup of coffee, when they start on e-mail, what if anything they do for exercise, what time they ramp up for work, and what else they do before beginning a work day.

In a matter of a couple of hours, I received answers. It didn’t take long for the formulas to come forth. Based on an analysis of the schedules and activities, I detected 7 practices you should earnestly consider assuming in order to make the most of your morning.

1. Begin early.

This is the section of your morning routine over which you have the biggest control. To accommodate it all, it’s a must to begin early. The latest any of the surveyed top dogs wake up is 6 a.m., and almost 80 %awake at 5:30 or before.

2. Get a jump on e-mail.

If you think you’re exclusive in feeling deluged by e-mail, take comfort: even top dogs and the most senior business people feel obligated to stay on top of their e-mail, and most of them find time in the early morning to do so.

3. Work out every morning.

It’s frequently hard to find a way to fit exercise into your busy agenda, but knowing that a few of the most successful business people do so may motivate you to discover a way to work it into your routine.

More than 70 %of the business leaders in my survey do their exercise in the morning, while 15 %t get a way to do it during the day . Only two of the people admit to not exercising on a steady basis, although one stated, “I know I should.”

4. Think about the source, form, and timing of your news.

Much has been authored about the death of the newspaper, and, along those lines, about a fourth of the people I spoke with have swapped to online news. However most of the others maintain the morning paper as a key part of their routine.

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